And then I met David Hayward.

Hello! I made it through my first night away from the family. Score! There were minimal tears by all parties involved, the girls had date night dinner with dad, and I stayed up past 11. I’m calling that a win.

After working like a fiend yesterday morning, I tore myself away and got on the road. I picked up my girls at the airport and we went the wrong way down a traffic filled highway. Damn you Apple maps! Luckily the android saved us.

After the girls kept me calm despite my extreme annoyance, we finally made it to the hotel. I’m here! This is real!

I was a wee bit very worried because I really needed a nap. Badly. Remember the 4 am wake up call? Ugh. But I was texting with Ava so I couldn’t and wouldn’t go to sleep.

It’s been awesome. Lots of fun and hanging out.

And then it happened.

David Hayward.


Ok so his real name is Vincent Irizzary and he is an actor on All My Children. But dudes. I got my picture taken with David, Dixie, and the new Peter Cortland! I used to love All My Children. I have been looking forward to this since I got the email about it and was squeeing to Michelle about it. She was sufficiently satisfied with my giddy school girl reaction after Vincent asked me my twitter handle.

I freaked. Oh my gosh so exciting. And I was riding a wave of adrenalin and I was awesome.

Today I’m sitting on a conference call for work in a corner now as I write this. And I’m good with that. I’ve had a great breakfast, gotten my hair done, and heard a great speaker. I didn’t wake up to work out, but whatever.

It’s early, but I’m calling this weekend a win. So far the sessions are really great. And we haven’t even gotten to tonight’s concert. It’s all good in the Grapevine hood.


11 thoughts on “And then I met David Hayward.

  1. I have no idea who those people are but they look like sparkles…stars…meh you get it.
    I hope that you’re having a wonderful time. Still super jealous that you are there!

  2. That weekend does sound like a win — even if I had to google who David Hayward was, and then google what All My Children was, and then google what a soap opera was (I’m only slightly exaggerating).

    But up past 11, with minimal tears? Rock on, momma!

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