Texas for Non-Texans.

Hello friends! I realized that most of my friends online are NOT from Texas. Those of you coming for Blissdom? WELCOME! You are in for a treat (especially if you’re coming from the north where it’s super cold). I’m currently working on recruiting my Canada girls to move down here. We aren’t getting any snow here this week and the high Monday was close to 90. But don’t worry, we’re having a cold front and it’ll only be in the upper 70s Tuesday.

Here’s my quick run down about Texas for you:

The More You Know.

DFW is more than an airport. That’s the collective name for the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area. There are tons and tons of cities in between. Many universities (Go SMU Mustangs!!), tons of amazing shopping (the Galleria isn’t terribly far from Grapevine),and lots and lots of highways.

You can’t fly Southwest Airlines directly into Love Field in the heart of Dallas because of the Wright Amendment. An ancient and ridiculous law put into effect to run them out of business. Thanks to recent legislation you can start flying into Dallas Love from any state starting in 2014. Very cool.

Did you drive here? If you came from the south you probably passed through Waxahachie (Wauhqs-uh-hatch-ey). Call it Wacks-a-hactchy and you’ll be pegged as a tourist.

Tollways are king. Avoid the extra traffic. Do yourself a favor and pay for the roads. Cops don’t generally hit up the tolls. Just saying. Not that I’ve ever been in a car exceeding the speed limit on the toll

Ikea is in Frisco. It’s as huge and awesome as you would expect. Bonus? There’s a great Mexican restaurant next door.

Texas is Awesome.

Sam Houston is right* Texas shopping cart* Port Aransas Beach* Texas Capitol*

Sam Houston*
Texas-size shopping cart (that was on the road)*
Port Aransas Beach*
Texas Capitol*

  • Texans think Texas is the best state ever. We really do. I mean we have everything to offer. And we like to brand everything with Texas, because duh, we’re proud of it. (My blogging pal Michelle pointed that out to me during her recent visit.)
  • And our housing markets and job growth are doing pretty well.
  • We’re so awesome, our Capitol is bigger than the U.S. Capitol in D.C.
  • And we’re super cool. We’ve got hippies, and suburbanites, and farmers, and city folk.
  • We’re the Live Music Capital of the World! Well, Austin is anyway.
  • Our weather is…squirrely. For example, one day it was sunny and 74 degrees, then 3 hours later it was 34 degrees and a blizzard hit the Panhandle of Texas and they got 19 inches of snow. So basically, be prepared for our weather to change on a dime. It’s “chilly” (read: 65 degrees) in the mornings and really warm in the afternoons.
  • We’re nice. If you’re coming from the northeast? Prepare yourself. People around here smile, don’t knock you over when you walk, and they say hello, please and thank you. Mostly. I can’t guarantee they’re all that way, but it’s definitely different than other parts of the country we’ve traveled to.

Texas Style.

awesome running trails, sunrises, music venues, and yes, we really have oil.

awesome running trails, sunrises, music venues, and yes, we really have oil.

  • Texas is big. Really big. To get from west to east it takes at least 12 hours. We border with: Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and the ocean.
  • It’s pretty here. We have mountains, the beach, the City, the farm, and lots of open country. Just pick your favorite place and head in that direction.
  • We don’t say words like “Howdy, varmints, or mosey.” I can’t think of any other examples because I don’t say them, but I sure do say “y’all” a lot. So get ready.
  • Also? We don’t all have big Texas hair–or accents. Well, some of us do. And I get an accent when I’m drinking, so…
  • Speaking of style? We don’t do black. We’re bold and we love color–or maybe that’s just me. Lots of Texans love animal print. Be on the hunt for zebra and giraffe print purses and shoes. And turquoise. Lots of it. Seriously, you could make a game of it.
  • Austin is super duper laid back. If you come here wearing heels and fancy clothes, then people will wonder if you’re going to a job interview.
  • Dallas is the complete opposite. Think fashion plates and Real Housewives. Note: this doesn’t apply to the ‘burbs. I lived there and I was far from fancy.

Texas Food.

starting clockwise at top left: Lambert's (Austin); Campisi's Pizza (a Dallas landmark-it's in Love Field Airport FYI!); lasagna-Mandola's (Austin); Mexican food (everywhere)

starting clockwise at top left: Lambert’s (Austin); Campisi’s Pizza (a Dallas landmark-it’s in Love Field Airport FYI!); lasagna-Mandola’s (Austin); Mexican food (everywhere)

  • We have some damn good food. We’ve got country cooking, BBQ, Mexican, and most all of it’s good.
  • Try and eat at Chick Fil A and Whataburger. So, so good. Apparently not all of you have Jack in the Box–I recommend skipping that one, you aren’t missing much.
  • Everything is a coke. Just the other day I was pointing out a Pepsi semi-truck to Allie and said, “Look! A Coke truck!” So if we ask if you want a coke, you need to be specific about what kind you want.
  • We don’t do Mr. Pibb, we’re the home of Dr. Pepper. No really, it was started in Dublin, Texas.


So come on down, y’all!


6 thoughts on “Texas for Non-Texans.

  1. I was born in texas but got shipped away very young. Maybe I need to come see the ol birth state. I’m sure you’d make a fabulous tour guide!

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