Weekend Update {GABBA and Germs}.

What a weekend! We started off with an afternoon visit to the pediatrician for Ava. Fun times getting blood work for a kid who was terrified of a finger stick. Poor nurses, she called them creepy meanies.  I don’t blame her. The screaming in anticipation was far worse than the actual stick. All she said was OW, and that they took long, but she didn’t cry a single tear after that.  She SO gets that from me. I still remember them having to hold me down for shots.  Sorry, mom.

We finally made it home after a full day of work and Ava was off to a birthday party while I hung out with company.  My best friend from law school was in town with her family.  Three toddlers? They like to play.  Phew.

gabba weekend

scarves & FREE latte ftw * beautiful day in Austin * GABBA!!!

Ava was nice enough to share her germs with me, even though I was doing my damnedest to avoid and then pretend she didn’t, then gave up and popped my stash of antibiotics.  It didn’t work.  After escaping to the office on Saturday morning, I had my Starbucks (see above) and cozied in for a SUPER DUPER productive day.  I honestly could have stayed till 5.  The quiet.  No distractions.  Walking barefoot to the printer.  It was awesome. #nerdalert

Then we went to the mall. And it was hellacious because it was Spring Break, South by Southwest was in town, and it was Saturday.  Nick Cannon was there and there were tons of people swarming him and taking pics.  It was funny because despite not knowing who he was, everyone was watching. Then when they’d hear who it was, they’d be all “who?” and someone would say, “You know, Mariah Carey’s husband.”

It’s funny how we are so obsessed with famous people.  I did not go down and take a pic, for the record.  But really, they’re just like us, right?

Then the ibuprofen wore off. And I realized I was actually way more sick than I thought. I had a fever.  Off to urgent care.  New antibiotics. Fun. Continued to feel like crap.  But at least there was a trip to Target and pizza involved. No cooking for the win!

Sunday I laid around like a vegetable. Thankfully, my friend took over and made pancakes for everyone so I didn’t have to use brain cells. I was trying to conserve all my energy because it was finally Yo Gabba Gabba day!  I’d been looking forward to this for months.  Even though J offered to take the girls as I woke up from my power nap and tried to get dressed, I said no. I wanted to be at that show.  Ibuprofen loaded, I headed on down.




For that hour and a half, I forgot I was sick (mostly) and I was probably more excited than the girls. I danced my sillies out, sang, I shimmied, I jumped. It was so much fun. Both girls were dancing.  I quite honestly put it up there in my top concerts ever. that’s kind of sad isn’t it? check mark in the “I’m a mom” box.   And Biz Markie? That dude can spin some good tunes.  Not so much with the personality, but he had it going on and I was trying not to look like a freak when I started dancing to vintage Michael Jackson.

We bought our exorbitantly priced Gabba toys and we were off.  Then I collapsed from the tired and the sick and was so thankful there were leftovers in the house.  Early bedtimes for everyone!

I’m still sick and hoping it goes away fast. It’s Blissdom week! ::cue the nerves-excitement-giddiness::  My to-do list is going to go into overdrive. In case you didn’t know, Type A nerds like lists–and new Sharpie pens to write them with.

It’s going to be 90 degrees in Austin today.  So Happy Monday to us.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update {GABBA and Germs}.

  1. Biz Markie was there? Did he play “Just a Friend”? I don’t think that’s kid-friendly. 🙂

    I hope you start to feel better soon. I can’t believe that it’s 90 down there today. It snowed again today in Chicago!

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