Why Am I Embarrassed?

Not a whole lot of people in my real life know that I blog.  Pretty much none of my family knows.  Most work people don’t know.  And not many friends know either, except the ones I want to know.

I’m going to Blissdom Conference next weekend which is centered around blogging.  I’m looking forward to meeting friends, learning new things, and having fun.  I’m so proud and excited about the fact that I’m going.

Until Wednesday night at dinner when I had to explain to Ava’s friends’ parents why I was going out of town.

“I’m going to Dallas for a blogging conference.”  I said with a face that was apologetic and shy.

They looked at me quizzically.  A what?

Instead of trying to explain, I just stopped and said that I was basically going on a girls’ weekend and there would be music and sponsors and fun.  Smiles. Nods.

Why?  Why was I embarrassed to let my blogging/online world and my real world collide?  It’s not like I write about raunchy stuff or kicking puppies.  I rarely use my potty mouth on here.  I don’t share horrible embarrassing secrets and I don’t talk politics or religion.  I’m not plotting to secretly take over the world.  So what’s the big deal?

I’m not sure to be honest.

In part, it was just the idea of explaining to them about blogging at all. I’m pretty sure they understand what a blog is, but maybe they didn’t? Who knows.

I don’t have anything to hide or I wouldn’t put it out online.  As it is I’m pretty reserved about what I do write and don’t share nearly what I would like to.

So yeah, I’m Jess and I blog.    I’m still figuring all this stuff out–including being comfortable in my own skin.


11 thoughts on “Why Am I Embarrassed?

  1. I am very careful to keep them separated. I’m not sure for me it’s about shame. In some ways, I just want this to be mine and so I’m protective of it. You’re totally allowed to share as much or as little as you want.

    • I think one of the bigger reasons to separate for me is work. I don’t have a problem with IRL people knowing, but there are certain ones I do not want knowing everything because they just may not have the best intentions. It’s funny how we can share more and have these friendships with people in our computers more than people in our daily lives. Or maybe it’s just sad.

  2. I feel the exact same way. I don’t even talk about my blog with my two best friends and the few times it has come up it is very awkward. If I am honest, I kind of like it this way…

    • I have told you in the past, I read your blog and think it’s a wonderful way to see photos of your family and kind of keep in touch in my own mind. First of all, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to even begin a blog and I have no idea how you find any time to blog considering your superhuman list of things to do every day. It bothered me that you worry about what other people think of you for being a blogger….since when should we care about what other people think? I have too many Pinterest pins, so what? I enjoy it…LOVE it! Don’t worry about others…you do not rely on anyone but yourself, your hubby and your girls to be the wonderful success you are today….YOU DID IT ON YOUR OWN and you should be proud! Others should follow Thumper’s rule and if they “can’t say somthin’ nice, don’t say nuffin’ at all.” What you do is your business and if it provides you with a way to vent, share, relax, have fun, etc. by all means GO FOR IT! You are an excellent writer by the way…I hope you continue to share your skills! Have a great time next weekend, and don’t worry, I don’t share your blog with anyone, that’s not my business or my place to do so! Glad to hear you are doing well…your family is beautiful. Sending positive energy your way from your cousin in EP!

      • Jamye, thank you SO much for your comment. I truly appreciate you. I don’t mind you sharing it. This is who I am, and I really do need to get past it. You are awesome and I really thank you for thinking of us even all these years away. Love you and appreciate the good vibes!

  3. Jess, I am the same way. I totally blush when I mention my blog. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s that whole being vulnerable and trying to reconcile my online identity with my offline identity.

    • I don’t either, it’s not like we write bad things. On my blog I pretty much am who I am. If anything, I’m really really me on Twitter. But that I do keep very guarded because I definitely am more open.

  4. I wish I was going to Blissdom! But my personal blog is private, so it kind of seems pointless. And with finals coming soon for my MBA program, I really can’t afford to be away from my family AND studying for an entire weekend.

    I hope you have fun, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    • It was really fun. Regardless of what you want to do with your blog, there were a few good tips for social media and marketing which could help you with your degree too!

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