Straight Talk.

I never really talk about what I do at work.  Obviously,  from the title you can see I’m a lawyer.  That doesn’t say much.

I’m not a big firm, small firm, any kind of private attorney.  I don’t litigate (try cases or even close to that).  I work for the government.  I handle contracts, grants, stuff like that.  Paper.  I handle paper and advise my “clients” within my agency.  I love it.  It’s the perfect fit for me.

Sometimes in my dealings I have to be a straight-talker.  I got that name at my last job.  Most of my job was spent on the phone talking to elected officials, governmental employees, and the public.  Since it often involved politics, it’s a good assumption to make that sometimes it got ugly.  Anyhow, sometimes people wouldn’t listen or didn’t like what I had to say.

That’s when I got straight talk.

My old boss named me that after hearing me on the phone a couple times.  I was never rude about things.  Even when I was getting called a “republican bitch” (because the Governor is a republican, people often assumed that everyone that worked for the state was too) or I was told that women shouldn’t be lawyers.  I hung up on that dumbass.

I laid things out on the table and often got my point across, sometimes very bluntly.  I didn’t entertain small talk and got straight to business.

I still have that “talent” at my current job when I have to handle negotiating certain things.  In house and out.  I like it.  It’s kinda cool to be this young girl on conference calls with all these people and tell them things are how they are. Period.

But when it comes to dealing with my kids, it’s sometimes harder to get straight talk.  Except that one time I fired that piece of sh!t daycare that Allie went to after they pushed me too far.  That wasn’t hard at all, and oh the words that I left with–they knew they messed up.  Again, I was never a jerk.  I didn’t yell.  I didn’t call names.

I definitely go all mama bear, but there’s a thin line when you’re dealing people that are responsible for your kid and you have to respect that.

I had to go to Ava’s child care center this morning to have a discussion with them.

They go on field trips and yesterday’s was to the local theater to have pizza and watch “Never Ending Story.”  I don’t even remember that movie, but it was the free kids’ film of the week.  I checked out the Wikipedia summary thanks to my pal Sara, and thought, “well this movie is weird and I don’t get it but it doesn’t seem scary.”

When I called Ava on my way home to see how it went, she said she hated the movie because it was too scary.  What?  She’s sensitive and doesn’t like scary things, but that big flying dog isn’t scary…

She gives me a synopsis that involves this witch and that witch and the guy who didn’t love her so she cried and the tears stained her face forever.


Then it clicked.  Oh. My. God.  They took the kids to see OZ.  The new movie that’s the prequel to the “Wizard of Oz?” Yeah, that one.  What. The. Fizz.

This morning I put on my grownup professional looking clothes on, and I had a long chat with one of the directors.  Apparently they got there and the movie was full (since it was free) and to avoid disappointing the kids they opted for Oz.  Yeah, that’s all good and great and I appreciate that but I would NOT have allowed my kid to go.  You need to inform parents of these changes and give them options.

So yeah.  They’re on notice and they know I’m not afraid to speak up.

I’m watching you child care center and I won’t be afraid to straight talk it again…



7 thoughts on “Straight Talk.

  1. Holy crap. OZ? REALLY? I cannot believe that they felt that was a good substitute. But also? There is a big scary wolf in TNES. Or maybe I was just a wuss as a kid watching that movie. Probably the later. LOL.

    GOod for you speaking up. I need to be more like that when it comes to my kids. I think I’m getting better at it.

    • Seriously. Nuts right? She hates scary movies and didn’t even want to watch Pocahontas 2.
      I’m not afraid to speak up but I also don’t want to be “that mom.” It’s so hard.

  2. Geez. Bad call, day care center.

    We went through some crazy stuff with Noah’s (now-former) day-care provider, too, and I agree that parents absolutely need to be able to speak up when the center is mishandling things. I actually wish we had been MORE outspoken.

  3. Yeah. No. Absolutely fucking not. I would have been really peeved.

    And um Never Ending Story? Creepy also. Just saying, that shit gave me the willies as a kid.

  4. i had no idea that that is where your name stems from. I love it. I totally can see you being a straight shooter…pew pew…
    That’s terrible that that happened. I’m so sure. What in their right ever loving mind thought that was a good idea?!
    They’re on drugs aren’t they?

    • They’re on something. Maybe it’s all those oranges they serve the kids. Seriously, they’d give them vats and Ava would eat bowls full every afternoon for snack. They’re all cracked out on sugar.

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