Goodbye, J.R.

I’m not a TV person.  I watch a lot of TV, but I’m not married to any series.  I like reality style shows (NOT Housewives, or the Kardashians, but educational stuff on Discovery and Nat Geo).  I will confess that my guilty pleasure is on one of the trashiest channels of all, the formerly Learning Channel, TLC’s Gypsy Sisters.

I used to love Grey’s Anatomy, then they got all those new interns and it got annoying.  I used to watch All My Children; it got cancelled.  But it’s coming back online! AND they’re gonna have some of the actors at Blissdom!!! AHHH!!!   And the Sopranos got cancelled.  And Big Love.  The ones I seem to like always get cancelled.

Right now, I’m a Dallas girl.  I was ecstatic when I heard they were remaking it into a movie.  A little apprehensive that they’d ruin it by casting J.Lo anywhere in it, but we dodged that bullet.  It’s now a show on TNT.

I wasn’t even born when Dallas premiered in 1978.   The infamous “Who shot J.R?” episode aired the year I was born (1980).  Obviously, my parents didn’t let me watch Sue Ellen getting trashed, or Bobby’s dream sequence about Pamela, or Lucy hooking up with Ray (gross! they’re related way down the line!).

I started watching the show the summer I graduated from law school.  I remember coming home from a morning at bar review and watching on SoapNet every afternoon.  I’d call my mom and bug her about who did what and who was that and where did she come from?  Even through her chemo haze, or exhaustion, or just plain old annoyance (probably) she’d answer my questions.  I felt so excited connecting to my mom and sharing this show she used to love.

that's just us sitting on Miss Ellie's porch. and Ava with Jock's Cadillac

In the 3 years she came to visit me while I lived in Dallas, we never got to visit South Fork together.  I went with my best friend and Ava in 2008.  She would’ve loved it. Even if it is a tiny shell compared to what the show looks like.

no lie, I got the postcard at the State History Museum. Proof of how awesome J.R. is.

no lie, I got the postcard at the State History Museum. Proof of how awesome J.R. is.

This has been on my office cork board for ages.  I bought that card years ago and gave one to my best friend after we visited South Fork.  When you open it, it plays the Dallas theme song.  I should probably have it on my desk and open it when I need a pick me up.  

Anytime the Dallas theme song starts, I can’t help but dancing and singing “dun! dun DUN! dun DUN dun dun dun DUN!”

The new Dallas is good. I was worried it would be lame or suck, but it did not. This remake has been fantastic and the characters aren’t so bad to look at either. I’m talking about you Josh Henderson and Jesse  Metcalfe.

So the real J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, died in November 2012, in Dallas.  And in true J.R. fashion, he went out of the show with a bang (literally) and he was shot, just like he was 23 years ago.  His character was too infamous to go out from natural causes.

Y’all, I won’t ruin it if you haven’t seen it and want to, but I knew this was going to be an emotional episode. I read that they even changed the theme music so it wouldn’t be so upbeat.  I was BAWLING within the first 2 minutes of the show.  I cried.   Kind of a lot.  J almost cut me off because I was crying so much, but like the awesome husband he is, he just let me lean on his shoulder and didn’t make fun of me for crying over a fictional television show.

The episode was so good and truly did J.R. justice.

I know that’s weird that I have so much passion for a TV show, but for some reason even though I’m not a real life crier, I tend to cry at TV.  Maybe it’s because the emotion from the actors was so real–Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray worked with Larry for literally decades.

Maybe it’s because he really was dead and I feel sad for his family.  Maybe it’s because he did things before he died (on the show) that showed he really did care about his family–despite appearances far from.

Maybe it was the final note telling John Ross he was his son, “from tip to tail,” something he told him often to show his pride in him.

But more than likely it’s because when I saw John Ross so upset about losing his father, Bobby upset about losing a brother, and Sue Ellen upset about losing the love of her life, I could relate.  Losing someone you love sucks hard.  Losing a parent is horrible.  Death is a bitch.

Anyway, Larry Hagman did NOT disappoint in his come back as J.R. Ewing these last two seasons.  I think he got this show off the ground and what it is today.  He was the villain that you couldn’t help but side with.  Sometimes.  Hopefully the show keeps the momentum.

I highly recommend you checking the show out if you haven’t already.  It’s good. Damn good.  And then we can talk about it.

Thanks, J.R., you ruthless scoundrel.


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