Weekend Update.

Well, Ava has finally turned the corner. Thank God. It was a bit scary for a minute there. We found out she actually tested positive for Group B strep which is weird. But we think that she has gotten over the hump. As of yesterday she was still napping and not eating hardly anything, but I think we got her squared away.

I’ve been feeling better myself. A few tweaks and I am actually feeling a little more normal. Long road to go, but you take what you can get.


We visited the Easter Bunny this weekend at Barton Creek. I was pretty disappointed he still hadn’t shown up as of last weekend and was shocked that the same mall that had Santa there on November 1 didn’t have the Easter Bunny there yet.  The good news though is that it’s the same Bunny from like the last 3 or 4 years so it’s fun to compare pictures.

Anyway, we must have caught them off guard because they didn’t have the camera/computer set up and as Allie sat there reaching out for me, I said screw it and took pics with my own phone while I waited for them. Then we left because, obviously I got free pics on my phone (instead of their $27 package for 2 pics) and it was their fault, so whatev. I call that a win. We even got a pic of just Ava and the Easter Bunny. Easter Bunny looked like he was pretty bored that day.

Sunday we were privileged to be at the marriage of the beautiful A’Driane and her wonderful husband Bert. The sun was shining and the view was amazing. Ava got to be flower girl after all and it was great. The chilly wind didn’t stop anyone from enjoying.

Plus, Sunday is run day for me, and this time it was dual purpose. Ava was still feeling crummy so she was ordering Allie out of the house so she could nap. Allie was running around being a typical almost 2 year old and making LOTS Of noise. We loaded up the jogging stroller and off we went.

So that’s us in a nutshell. As usual, Sunday was my happy day. But Sunday nights? Still not even remotely my favorite. But since everyone is mostly well, I can’t complain. Not even a little.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update.

  1. Ooh. I so hope that I can have that luck with the Easter Bunny. My phone pics always turn out better. I just have to sneak them. Haha. So glad y’all are on the mend and hope you had a fabulous run. 😉

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