Secrets of the Dr’s Office- SHOCKER!

she insisted on decorating for Easter on Monday. even though she was sick.

she insisted on decorating for Easter on Monday. even though she was sick.

Ava is still sick. Two doctor’s visits (well, one nurse practitioner–NEVER again, and one doctor visit), 6 days, lots of Tylenol, Advil, Motrin and antibiotics later, she still has a fever. She’s still run down and tired. She’s still not really eating.

Yesterday she tested negative for flu and mono, so that’s good, but that leaves us in the land of the ever-so-evil Virus. You know, that whole “thanks for coming in and giving us your copay so we could tell you something you knew and that we can’t help your kid and keep giving her some meds and at some point she’ll get better”? Yeah, that.

We’re just hoping that the fever breaks soon because so far she has missed her school play (that she had a coveted line in!), her school field trip (today), and she’s on the verge of not making her dream of being a flower girl come true. It’s a tough world around here lately for her. And of course, she’s convinced everyone at school will forget about her. Have you met her? NOT EVEN POSSIBLE.

ANYWAY, back to the secrets.

So I called the office this morning to speak to her doctor. I wasn’t at her appointment yesterday and after a 101 temperature reading this FRIDAY morning, I needed to get some answers. Mostly because of some things from yesterday’s appointment, like the flu test that was allegedly done but not. Oh yes, that.

I called the office cell that’s always answered, only the nurse prac answered. Pass. Countdown to the office opening.

At 8:31 after the doctor’s office opened, I got on the phone:

Office: Hello, doctor’s office.

Me: Hi [name], I need to speak to Dr. because I have some questions, my daughter has had a fever for a week, and I don’t want to talk to the nurse practitioner.

Office: Ok, sure no problem. She’s not here but I’ll take down your number so she can be sure to call you when she gets in.

Me: Great. Do you have any idea when that will be? thinking that maybe she was in late on Fridays or something.

Office: Well, her first appointment is at 8:30…

ummm, I’m pretty sure it’s 8:35.

Office: …so she normally comes in around 8:45.

Me: o_O ::speechless:: Ok, thanks so just have her give me a call.

Are you freaking kidding me? Here I am thinking I’m so clever I’d call before she got her day started. I might actually catch her before she goes in. I thought I was always so smart scheduling the first appointment of the day at any office. What an idiot.

To be fair, I don’t know if all doctors’ offices do that. And in further disclosure, I absolutely love our doctor. She gives hugs!

But to say I was disappointed, well that’s the understatement of the year.


6 thoughts on “Secrets of the Dr’s Office- SHOCKER!

  1. Oh my! I have our dr’s cell number (and the cell numbers of everyone one of her staff) and I know if it’s an 8:30 day or a 9:00 day and when I should actually be there. My control freak definitely poured into the pediatrician thing. That would make me crazy! CRAZY!!!

    • We do have an on-call cell number unfortunately it just wasn’t her answering. I don’t have a whole lot of faith in the nurse prac for stuff beyond the easy obvious. I just prefer the doctor.

  2. ugh. Is Ava feeling better yet? I know there is a nasty virus going around up here, lots of kids and teachers down with it and it sounds like what you’re describing with Ava. Not that knowing ‘it’s going around’ is helpful 🙂 Violet was sent home with a fever today, so let the good times roll!

    • FINALLY better. A whole week off then another week off for Spring Break you’d think a normal kid would be pumped. Not her. How’s Violet???

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