Comfort Zone. (Why I’m going to #Blissdom)

Y’all, I’m going to Blissdom.

For those of you non-bloggers in my life, Blissdom is a blogging conference that is held every year and there are sessions with different topics, a girls’ night out, food, swag, and lots and lots of (mostly women) bloggers.

I’m not going because I think I’m a great blogger.

I’m not going to go make connections with brands.

I’m not going because I think it will make me the next big thing because I’ll magically start writing like a rock star.

What’s the point then of spending hundreds of dollars to go to a blog conference by yourself to hang out with people you’ve never met in real life? EXACTLY.

I’ve never gone on a vacation by myself. Ever. Despite my husband urging me that I should go on girls’ trips or take time for myself.

I recruited for SMU School of Law after taking the bar that summer and it was awesome. I traveled all over the country for about three months (and I was pregnant with Ava to boot!) and was gone at least a couple days a week, usually more. I explored places alone and got myself around Washington DC on the Metro lugging a travel suitcase and a belly up a hill to Howard University then walking around to a couple tourist places before heading to the airport. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. But that was for work. It wasn’t social. It wasn’t about me, it was about telling people how awesome SMU Law School is, Go Mustangs!

I don’t like doing stuff for myself, besides running, and I really don’t go out, so this is a huge step for me. I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone by leaving both girls for 3 nights. GASP!!!! I’ve never even been apart from Allie for a night. That part makes me really sad, missing my 3 lovies for so long. But it’ll be good–thank goodness for FaceTime!

There won’t be anyone needing my attention. There won’t be laundry or dishes to be done. There won’t be anyone that needs something put on the TV for them or a refill for their cup. It’ll be all me. All weekend. I’m even doing a 5K with my roommates in my old stomping grounds in Plano. I’m super pumped. A nighttime run with glow sticks? Heck yeah!

I’m nervous. But mostly super, duper excited.

Y’all, don’t laugh but I even got business cards made. Leigh is pretty awesome. She also designed my awesome new header.Because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you go to this stuff! How else will you remember all the people you meet? Mostly I’m just so happy that the friendships that I’ve grown through my computer will come to fruition with hugs, and hopefully lots of pictures and silliness. Again, this probably doesn’t make sense to go and meet a bunch of people you’ve never met and only know from online that could be ax murders. But really, they couldn’t pack an ax and get through security so that’s probably not gonna happen. These people have truly become friends. Following a person’s life online and being a part of what they share, interacting with them daily, seeing them be pregnant and have babies, it’s kind of awesome.

So why AM I really going?

I’m going to prove to myself that everything goes on just fine, even if I’m not there to handle it all.

I’m going to attend sessions to learn more about using my camera.

I’m going to attend sessions to listen to great speakers talking about life development. Yes, I’d like to learn more about blogging, and I won’t lie, I’d love for people to read, but I don’t do this for stats–it’s not my living by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s be real, I just don’t bother with social media enough to make it something bigger than it is and I’m ok with that. Y’all know I hate Facebook and I don’t like spamming people I know just for the numbers.

Part of my hesitation in sharing more about my ongoing battle with depression is the stigma. The embarrassment. The need to hide the truth. The need to put on a face. But WHY?! Would I be embarrassed if I had a different illness? One that was more “main stream” like heart disease? So that’s something I’m hoping to get out of this conference: be more bold.

This is just my space for me. And maybe this conference will get me to open up more and tell more of the real story, not just part of it.

And I need an excuse to wear my blue glitter high heels.

So yeah, that’s why I’m going to Blissdom. I can’t wait.


10 thoughts on “Comfort Zone. (Why I’m going to #Blissdom)

  1. I can’t wait to hug your face!!!!!!!!!! The main reason that I’m going is for the me time. Time away for me to focus on me and spending time with my awesome friends (outside of the computer!) and growing as a person. It’s going to rock.

  2. You will be great. I went last year while I was still battling PPD/PPA pretty hard, and it was terrifying. I felt like I would claw the skin off my own arms. But it helped that I ran into Katherine (from Postpartum Progress) at the very first session (newbie meet and greet), she took one look at me and said, “Hey, I KNOW you!” and gave me a big hug. There was nothing easy about that weekend for me, but I left knowing I was brave enough to go and be around that many people and actually function and also not to completely panic at being away from my family. It was an important step in my recovery process. Hope you have a great experience!

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