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I love technology. I might love it a little too much. But hey, you gotta embrace the times, right? I love trying new apps but hate spending money on them or valuable space on my phone (next time I’m so getting a 32gb). So I thought I’d share some of my favorites lately and they’re all *almost* free.

Click on each of the pics to go to the app website for legit info.

possibly the best app ever.

Right now I’m 100% completely obsessed with this new app for iPad (and Kindle) called Next Issue. It’s basically like Netflix for magazines. I cannot say how much I love it. I LOVE IT. So you pay $14.99 a month and you get unlimited access to a ton of great titles, including InStyle, O (Oprah’s magazine), Time, Real Simple, People (which I would be too embarrassed to buy but will happily read while waiting for an appointment), and tons of home and cooking mags. Seriously, I would never buy all those mags but to read them all for that price? SCORE. If you don’t want some of the premium mags you can still get a ton for $10. But it’s totally a bargain. The cool part is you can also download the magazines to your device to read them when you’re offline. WOOHOO!!!!


Canada! Ohhhh Canada.

Canada! Ohhhh Canada.

Then there’s Google Voice and Text+. Both let me send texts to Canada. The breakdown:

1) Text+ allows me to have a Canadian number. I even chose what province (?). This way you can send pics and texts to someone in Canada and they aren’t charged out the wazoo for texting you back (and neither are you). The con on this is that it’s a kinda crappy service and is sometimes usually unreliable so you need to make sure your text goes through. And also they tend to go out of order so warn the sender that you may make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But if that’s the norm for you anyway, then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

2) Google Voice. This is awesome if the Canadian you are texting can text a US number for no charge. You can text using the app or using Google Voice on the computer which makes this super nifty because I always prefer typing on the keyboard. You can even use it to call Canada for free too! I haven’t called yet, but I’m on the verge.


Then there’s Sworkit. It’s a free app that you can use with so many different kinds of workouts. You can chose what area of the body to work on with specific exercises, you can do yoga and decide how many minutes you want to do, you can do cardio or just stretching. It’s awesome. And you just can’t beat free. It’s on Android too.


Last there’s Strong Runner. The app is free but if you want the videos, you have to pay $0.99 per section. I guess it’s a good deal if you need the videos that they come with. I didn’t buy any of them because they have pictures of how the exercises look so I was able to replicate on my own. I use this after I run so that I can be sure I stretch properly. I’m notorious for not stretching.

The thing that’s also great is that if you’re new to running there’s a 5k plan and tips for running. Another cool feature is the “injuries” section. It has a picture of a body and you point to where it hurts. There are symptoms, causes, and suggestions for treatment. Super awesome.

Stay tuned for more apps I love and probably some I don’t!


legal mumbo jumbo disclaimer: I wasn’t paid for any of these endorsements and nobody asked me to make them. I really do love these apps as much as I say I do.


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