Things Change with 2 Kids.

When I had Ava, I led a charmed life.  Despite just having been licensed to practice law the month before she was born, I stayed home.  I didn’t have a full time job till we moved to Austin and she had turned 2.

Our days were carefree and involved going to the gym (Lifetime, swoony swoon swoon) and I ran. A lot since I was training for a marathon.  We went to meet daddy for lunch at the mall at least a couple days a week.  Other than that, I’m not sure what we did.  We were ladies of leisure.

That girl was my life (she still is).  But she needed protecting from all the things.  DON’T TOUCH THAT DIRTY PIECE OF DIRT!!! Quick get the antibacterial!  I kid you not, we had a giant Sam’s size  bottle of antibacterial on our counter that probably was a whole gallon.

I bathed her every night (despite the fact she didn’t really do anything at all that necessitated a bath).

Well….things change with your second kid.  Not that you love them any less, but you realize that your first one is alive and kicking and doing just fine. Despite being surrounded by germy kids they’re still alive and well.

Allie has been going to daycare since she was 3 months old.  And I’m ok with that. She goes to a preschool now that we absolutely 150% love.  She starts asking for her teacher the moment we exit the freeway.  She and Ava are gunning for the award for who can bring home the most germs and illness this year.  I think it’s a tie.  Ava may be ahead.

I don’t know where the antibac that was in my purse went.

Allie gets bathed a couple times a week, unless she’s super stinky or messy.

But then…there was last night.

We were all playing outside because it was a beautiful Texas evening and it was a lovely 75 degrees.  The girls ran around and played.  I stopped for a minute to call to make sure the surprise pizza dinner I had sent to my grandparents worked out okay.

In that moment, I turned around and I noticed tiny dog poop on the patio.  That wasn’t there before. Interesting.

And then she started:



In true Ava fashion, she used the loudest voice she has (wonder where she got that from) and announced this to me and the whole neighborhood and probably the whole community.

While I continued talking to my grandma, I happily accepted her thank yous and hurried off the phone.  I put the phone down and told Ava to chill out because I heard her.

I calmly grabbed Allie and carried her straight to the bathroom so I could toss her in the tub.  She touched petrified dog poop.  Eh.

Was it gross? Sure! Poop’s gross, duh.  But I got over it, washed her up and we all finished our evening.

And I wonder why Allie’s so independent and fearless. Psh.

I will say, bedtime couldn’t come soon enough and of course there was the matter of the missing lovey (belonging to the big one) and ohmygosh she couldn’t go to sleep without it!!! But everyone got tucked into bed and I happily shoveled a cupcake and ice cream into my face.

Because every poop filled day should end with cupcakes. And ice cream.


6 thoughts on “Things Change with 2 Kids.

  1. Yes, just yes. I find myself rarely caring about things that I was nuts about with Brady. Not to make you jealous but we workout at Lifetime and it is swoon worthy…

    • Oh Lifetime. It’s the only gym I can workout at and not be totally annoyed. Which makes me sound like a snob. Luckily I prefer running outside so it’s not a big deal that we aren’t going right now.

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