Not Doing Something CAN Be Doing It Right.

What a week. It’s only Tuesday.

This weekend we were convinced that the hissing sound we kept hearing in our bathroom was a slow leak that is getting ready to rot out our bathroom.  We had someone come out on Saturday, but because he was a family friend and didn’t have the tools to make a hole in our wall, he was going to have to come back.  Our pressure was fine, so that was reassuring.

The sound would come and go.  We tried to be positive, we looked at it as the chance to make the changes to the bathroom that we’d been wanting to make. (Seat in shower in anyone?)

Then Ava woke up Sunday warm and coughing. Sure enough she was getting sick.  Skipped Sunday school and leaving the house.  In typical Ava fashion, I knew she was getting strep.  She did.

But yesterday, I didn’t stay home with her.  I always try to stay home with the kids.  It’s just something mama bear that makes me feel like I need to be near them and take care of them.  But I didn’t.

Dad took her to the doctor, to Walgreens, to Chick Fil A (luckily she ate, because at one point she didn’t even want that).

I let go.

They both had a good day and as sad as I was being at work knowing how horrible she felt, I was proud of all of us.  I knew we could all work it, but I rarely ask for help.

Sounds dumb right? But for me, this is doing it right. Letting go.  Asking for help.  Not trying to do everything, including balancing the time off I don’t have.

And that leak we were worried, but not freaking out about?  It was my shaving cream can.  Slowly leaking or doing whatever weird thing it was doing. Good thing we didn’t start that bathroom remodel on account of it.  Needless to say, that sucker is now in the garbage and I won’t be buying any more of that brand.

It’s the little victories to remind you that remind you that you’re doing at least something right.


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8 thoughts on “Not Doing Something CAN Be Doing It Right.

  1. Oh my goodness! A shaving cream can?! That’s hilarious. And whew–a potentially expensive can of shaving cream, had you started renovating!

    I’m like you when it comes to feeling the need to stay home when Jax is sick. How I’m trying to get over that (for the sake of my job, mostly) is now I try to split the day in half, meaning I’ll go to work 8-12 and have my husband hang with Jax then; then we swap and he goes to work. I’m proud of you for having your husband hang with Ava. That IS a big deal! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. a) that does not sound dumb at all. Very proud of you for letting go and realizing that everything was fine, if not good. b) a shaving cream can? for real? Oy.

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