Don’t Blink-Babies Grow.

Yesterday was busy.  I was hoping for a nice lazy Monday, but I was very wrong.  My plan to stare out my window all afternoon (kidding, obviously I couldn’t do that.  Not all afternoon.) was thwarted by rush issues. But I got to play straight talk mean lawyer, which I like.  And red line (edit) documents, I like that even more.

Anyway before I knew it, 1:00 had turned into 4:30 and it was almost time to go.  Days like that are actually better.  When will I learn that?

bearsI went to pick up Allie, and instead of running to me with arms wide open yelling “Mama! Mama!” she continued to stuff bread in her face like a squirrel hoarding nuts.  Her teacher turned her seat so that she might be urged to get up and leave.  Finally she did, and instead of immediately saying “Up! Up!” she walked out the door on her own–only after she turned around and faced her teachers and friends and said super cool, “bye.”

Seriously, what just happened here?

I waited to pick her up.  Nope.  She walked all the way upstairs by herself and to the truck.  I know she’s independent, but shock.

It wasn’t till we got home that finally she decided she could use me and the cries for UPPIES began. Sweet, sweet uppies.

I worked on dinner and had Ava grab her daily reading folder while she waited.  Each day they are tasked with reading an assignment that is geared toward their reading level.  Ava’s been reading out of one of those hardcover textbooks.  But not anymore.

She got sent home with “The Boxcar Children” and was assigned to read a chapter a day.

I was ecstatic.  So, so proud. I remember my Grandpa W. taking me to the library on Saturdays and I’d check those books out and read them all afternoon at his house.  More importantly, I remember being way older and definitely not in first grade, more like 4th or 5th.

My girl has reading skills, yall.

And just like that, before you can blink they’re both doing things that constantly surprise you.  And I think I’m probably doing something right.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Blink-Babies Grow.

  1. First of all, subject title = killed me. It is more the true than I ever thought possible! Love, love, love that your sweet girl is a reader. I was the same way as a kid and I really hope Parker and/or Mason inherit that from me! 🙂

  2. When I returned from Atlanta, J didn’t run over to me screaming Momma, like I expected. He walked over happily, but … part of me knows that the running and screaming with joy over my arrival days are (gulp) over-ish?

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