Longest short week ever.

What a week. We had Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King Day. That’s a win, right? Four day work week. You’d think.


Friday morning was brought to you by incessant whining and failure to listen. Which then resulted in lots of scolding and dialed up anxiety as I tried to get out the door. of course, that means guilt and more guilt. At least preschool drop off went great.

The project that would never die finally did on Friday morning. Ah the relief of erasing that from my giant dry erase board that stares me in the face everyday. After a week of being on edge I knew it was vital that I had some quality Jess time. That doesn’t come often. I took my lunch and went to get my hair cut. And colored. I honestly don’t even remember he last time I had it done professionally. (I’m cheap and impatient, remember?) The last time I colored it myself was August 2011 and that lovely blondish knot on my head is the leftover. It can’t even qualify as ombré.

Anyway, resourceful as I am, two birds with one stone. It was so nice reading the trash magazines and listening to the buzz of the warm dryer that kept me cozy. I honestly didn’t want it to turn off. I tried to sneak a pic but didn’t want to look like a loser who takes pictures of herself at a fine salon.

The results are great. Love my stylist. Off I went back to work and the day was better. That may sound superficial, but moms need to take care of themselves and if getting a haircut is it, then do it. I even managed to stay super late at work for a Friday. And that was ok.

20130125-192224.jpgAfter my really long normally short day, I picked up my bugga and escaped for every mom’s paradise. Target. Seriously the genius behind Target is amazing. They’ve trained us to think that going and buying random crap that’s 70% off is both smart and therapeutic. I’ll take it.

We might have a shoe problem. As in, my 20 month old loves them and is quite particular about what she likes. For the record she didn’t want the pink glitter TOMSesque shoes. She did like the Minnie Mouse flip flops. Since my TOMS ballet flats fell apart, I’m always on the hunt. $7? Win.

Sometimes you just have to say “screw it” and do what you need to so that you can try and be zen. Or something. Shopping. Getting your hair done. Going for a run. But just make yourself a priority for a least 30 minutes a day.


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