Daycare Warning-We’re All Guilty.

It’s a busy morning and you’re trying to get the kids to school, get yourself to work and maintain your sanity. Right? All without spilling your coffee. Moms are pretty damn amazing at multitasking.

But we are also guilty of making a glaring and obvious mistake each morning–I was.

Each morning I would load up my purse, work bag, lunch, Allie’s stuff for school and whatever else I needed. Usually I’m running late so I’d rush Allie in to school, grabbing only her sweater or sippy. I’d run in and run out in a matter of 5 minutes.

Win, right?


Twice in a month cars have been broken into at daycare and purses stolen. School isn’t in the ghetto, cars aren’t left unlocked or running, people are constantly coming in and out. But purses and cell phones are often left in full view and thieves know you’ll be inside for at least a couple minutes.

I’m very guilty of this. I would often put my iPhone in the cup holder, leave my purse on the floorboard or front seat, and make my school run. I was very lucky.

It only takes seconds to break a window. Despite seeing the broken window and a cop car at daycare one morning, I still left my purse in the truck thinking, “there’s a cop right there. No one will break in.” Yah. Stupid. I went back and got it after feeling pretty dumb. Lesson learned. I haven’t left my purse or cell in the truck since.

There was a break in this morning. It was caught on tape. The thief parked near the lot and waited till he saw someone go in without her purse. He quickly backed into the spot, grabbed the purse and was gone. All in less than two minutes.

I know it’s obnoxious fighting an often cranky toddler, weather, and the clock. Trust me. But it’d be way more painstaking to call all your credit card companies, replace everything in your purse, and time to regain peace of mind after being violated.

So tomorrow when you drop off or pick up your kid at school or daycare, TAKE YOUR STUFF WITH YOU. Don’t think it can’t happen. It’s just not worth the risk.


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