The word “BFF” is often overused (it means best friend forever, dad). And overstated.  It’s not just bubble gum and movies and shopping trips at the mall for a prom dress.

Ava’s hilarious.  She tells me about her BFFs. She has a couple, but one in particular (she had a different one last year).  If only she knew that unless you’re lucky, the friends you make in elementary and high school won’t follow you into real life.  I was lucky and my high school best friend {Jess} is still a part of my life. We haven’t seen each other since my mom passed, but we text every so often and we follow each other’s lives online.  She sat with me at the hospital and we laughed.  I need that.  She’s awesome that way.  Flag girls! Peter Piper Pizza! Chamucas! ::ahem::

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

I will also never, ever forget when my best friend, Heather A., flew in from Phoenix with only a couple day’s notice for my mom’s funeral. She flew in and out in the same day, even though she only saw me at mass and at my dad’s house for a little while.  She was the only person I let in the fortress of protection my dad’s house gave me.  I didn’t see anyone (including family) after the services.

We met years ago. I think 14 years ago, to be exact.  We were both perfume girls at Dillard’s.  She worked for Escada and I worked for Liz Claiborne.  We hit it off and the rest is history.  Separated by 3 states after I moved to Dallas and she moved to Phoenix, we only get to see each other each at Christmas for what little time we have when we’re not with our families.  She’s met my two babies, and I’ve met her 2 handsome boys.  My heart melted with happiness when she got the babies she’d always longed for.

While life gets in the way and we get incredibly caught up in everything else, time goes by and we don’t chat. And then we do and it’s like we didn’t miss a beat.  We know we are there for one another.  THAT is a true friend.

Right now she’s nursing a sick husband and baby and I wish nothing more than me being able to be there and give her an afternoon to herself. I’d like to take a load off her so she can go get a pedi. Or go to the store alone.  Time to breathe.  That’s hard to do with 2 kids under 3 at home.

I’m incredibly blessed to have developed relationships with some amazing women now that I’m older. There’s something about being a grown up and having a circle of women around you that truly understand you and everything that makes you function.  It’s amazing.

BFFs are more than just people you hang out with on a regular basis, or talk to over coffee daily.  They’re the soul sisters (cheeseball, but true) that are there for you anytime.  Good, bad, ugly.  They’re there without judgment and come at the drop of a hat when you say the word “Help.”  They understand when months go by without a word, but still know when the littlest cry means, “I need you.”

I am proud to call all of those women (and you know who you are) my BFFs.

Love you, Feather.  You are an wonderful mama, wife, friend and inspiration to me. Always have been, always will be.


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