The January Pledge.

So I think one of my goals for this year was to eat out less. It started as not buying lunch (or breakfast) at the office. Then I talked to one of my best girls, Sara, and she told me that she and her awesome husband, Nick, will be going fast food free this month. And then the wheels started turning.

Those two are genius, I tell you.  What an idea. Eat better and save more? WIN.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure that I can make it happen. But it’s sure a good goal for the start of the year.  We’ve had a rough go with making healthy food choices in our house and there’s no one to put the blame on but us as parents.  If I pack the girls up to “reward” them with Chick Fil A, I’m the one who has failed.  I could be choosing stuff like a walk, or a game, or something.  We can eat in THEN go out and run our errands.

All too often everything we do is around food. Eating out. Going for a cup of coffee (that does NOT count in my pledge. Or maybe it does…). But every time we decide we want to get together with someone, we do it over food. Why? Probably because it’s easier that way, but maybe we can find alternatives.

As I write this I think about the lunch plans I made with a friend for the coming week (if we can get ourselves together).  Seriously, isn’t going out to eat the easiest thing? You go and sit together and enjoy a meal of yummy food because you’ve gotta eat anyway right? Two birds, one stone.

But you know what? That $1.85 breakfast taco I get a few times a week adds up.  The Starbucks runs? We won’t even discuss that.  Those are WAY fewer now that we have a Keurig. I turn to comfort food from downstairs because 1) it’s delicious, and 2) I tell myself I deserve because it’s been a [crappy, tiring, stressful, fill in the blank] day.  At $7+ a meal that’s just dumb. Especially on days when I bring lunch but eat downstairs anyway.

So far I’ve done well. No eating out. No Starbucks runs.  I know it’s only January 7, but you gotta start somewhere.  I’ve been making crockpot oatmeal and preparing it for the week.  I’ve been making extra at dinner and packaging it up for my lunch.  I make my coffee every morning.

I’ll probably come up with a new goal next month (and I’ll update you on this one as I go). Maybe it’ll be no Facebook trolling (except for updating my dad’s business page).  Or maybe it’ll be blogging everyday. Or something good and productive.  I’m open to ideas.

Are you in for the pledge this month???


9 thoughts on “The January Pledge.

  1. um… this is so brilliant. & kind of so duh, you know? but i’m going to keep with the brilliant aspect of it. and while we’ve definitely not gone fast food free this month, i think it’s something i want to aim for next month. thanks for sharing the idea!

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