My Style-You Never Can Tell.

I’m lucky that I work at a place where I can pretty much wear what I want. Cowboy boots, belt buckles and jeans are a daily sight and I love it–hello, Texas. If you wear a suit around here people will wonder if you have a hearing (me, never), a big meeting (me, frequently), or a job interview (nope, not me).

It’s no secret I love wearing jeans, but some days I like to shake it up and feel like a grown up professional and not a teenager (as I’ve been told I remind people of on multiple occasions).  This week it’s a ghost town around here since we’re still following up the holidays.  I decided to really take advantage and be bold (for me).

Skinny velour mint jeggings for the win.  Ladies, seriously, you can’t be afraid of jeggings. They are shocking comfortable and can make you feel young and hip! They go with everything, especially boots. Be bold!   I pretty much used to live in black–all black sometimes. Now it’s very rare for me to be caught in black except when I’m wearing fancy slacks: see below.

Unfortunately on my rainy, cold “casual Friday” (let’s be real, most days I dress like it’s casual Friday) I have a board meeting so it’s lawyer mode. Slacks and heels for me. But it’s not too shabby.  There’s always got to be a pop of color for me now, so this magenta sweater was mine.

It’s nice to dress up and feel pretty too! Look good, feel good. Sometimes when I’m dressed up I feel like the legit lawyer I am and not just some kid working at a desk.

And  in a bit I’ll be changing into running gear to freeze my jiggly butt off during my lunch run.  Gotta take advantage of the time you’ve got.

So yeah, this is what I look like. I like color, can you tell? Gotta keep people guessing whether I’ll be lawyer Jess or hipster/teen Jess.



{left} jeggings: Kohl’s ($8 clearance!),
shirt: I forgot but probably Target,
boots: Ecco at Nordstrom,
necklace: my mom’s.
{right} top: Banana Republic,
scarf: idk but favorite;
slacks: Dillard’s;
shoes: Bakers (85 years old).


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