My Kind of Calm.

Sometimes being slightly OCD is super helpful. Even though it’s quite obnoxious when all you wanna do is rest but your mind won’t let you till you get stuff done.

After being in El Paso for over a week {post to come}, there was a mountain of clothes to put away, a suitcase of new clothes for the girls to sort through and wash, and a hot mess everywhere else. The clutter and mess was killing me. Luckily I work for the state and had the day off to clean. Like the all day clean till you sweat and then happily breathe in the Lysol scented triumph.

Bits of Christmas left (Santa and bowls of ornaments and decor), but others stayed. I just can’t bring myself to put away the Nativity or the tree. Epiphany doesn’t come till January 6, after all. In my house growing up the Feast of the Three Kings was a big deal, like all other religious holidays.

Unlike other things, like working out, cleaning and decluttering gives you instant gratification. You go from pig mess to “I wouldn’t be totally humiliated if someone came over right now.”

I cleaned and cleaned. I soaked in the beautiful drizzly view through the window. I organized the girls’ drawers and got piles of too small clothes together to donate to the women’s shelter. (They can use them far more than Goodwill, IMHO.)

Then I took the girls to the mall and to buy Ava books with her birthday gift card. It was a hell of a productive day that culminated with chicken flautas smothered with queso and crock pot beans. I’d call it a win. Busy as it was, it couldn’t have left me more content. After, lazy lounging just isn’t my thing.

Days off lounging on the couch or out and about on the town are just overrated. I’ll take a day like today anytime. Out with the old in with the new clean house, right?
Now, after the girls are in bed I can relax. Clean house and freshly made bed, there’s nothing more to do. It’s time for a big slab of chocolate cake, icy cold milk, and Ocean’s Eleven on tv. Shocker of all shockers, a night out celebrating New Year’s Eve isn’t my thing. I’d rather be safe in our home out of the way of the people who partied too hard but drove anyway.

Be safe tonight, my friends.


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