Don’t Stop Belieeeeving.

This world is fast moving. Our babies grow up way faster today than we ever did. I was so pumped when I got a pager in high school. I think I was a junior. Then like 3 people could text me because I didn’t actually like talking on the phone.

My girls both dominate my phone and iPad. It’s kinda crazy that last year Ava had homework to get an online account (we opted for email) and I was just focusing on sight words.

But with all of the advances in technology there is a price. Yes my kid will know how to type at the age of 6, but she’s also growing up too fast.

I was talking with my girl Addye yesterday about how we gotta keep the magic alive.

Yup. Ava asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas. And a Barbie cruise ship. And while both of those things were pricey, my logic was they’re only this little once. Plus if I can keep her playing with dolls, I’m gonna do my damnedest to make sure that happens.

I don’t want her obsessing over makeup and tween shows. I want her to be a little girl.

Call me evil but I was so happy the night of the Elf of the Shelf disaster. (Allie touched our elf which makes them lose their magic). I wasn’t happy to see her sad, but I was happy that she truly believed.
Elf on the Shelf may be creepy and a royal pain in the ass, but it’s one more thing for her to believe in. It makes me sad when little ones stop believing in Santa. They deserve to have the magic of Christmas in a world of darkness and uncertainty.

So even if it means staying up forever Christmas Eve to put together toys, or braving the stores for that perfect thing on their list, it’s so worth it when you see those precious innocent smiles.


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