Creatures of Habit.

I don’t like change.  Or new routines. I mean, like any normal person I used to get all excited about starting school or a new project.  Then the glitter quickly wears off.

So it’s no surprise that I have my favorite stores and every weekend our routines look the same.

Since I’ve been sick pretty much since August (and so has Allie), we’ve visited Walgreens a lot.  You know how you know you’ve been there a lot?  You pull into the parking lot and your 18 month old gets excited.  Pathetic, I know.  But you know what Walgreens has?  Toys.  Cheap toys.  And Blow up Mickey yard decorations. I was thisclose to buying it this time. They have candy.  They have bags of Cheetos overflowing with orange fingered goodness.

On the weekend? Take the girl to dance class, get Starbucks, pick up girl from dance class, get Starbucks for daddy. (Starbucks is next to dance school. Total win.)  The other day as we got ready for Ava’s birthday party, I pulled out of the grocery store while the girl was at dance class and Allie had her donut in hand.  She saw Starbucks and quickly started grunting for me to take her donut.  She pointed to Starbucks (where I was heading anyway) and signed “more.”  Girl loves her scones.  At 18 months and 7 years old, both girls have their standing orders.  Monster much?

don’t let them fool you, they’re smiling but they’re not in the drive thru line anymore.


But you know what habit I do love that I’m not afraid to keep up? Pulling a Law Momma.  She inspires me constantly and she’s pretty damn awesome.  Last Christmas was rough for her, but she smiled anyway and her and her cute boy did random niceities for people in her town.  And I was inspired.

And then there’s Allison Zapata. If you don’t know what she’s working on, you can read about it here.  She’s amazing.  She had an idea to help some people in need and it grew from a goal of providing just 50 bags with a few items to homeless people in Houston to something bigger and better than she could have imagined.

So when I can do something nice, I do it.  Even something as simple as buying coffee for the car behind me.  Or sending a simple note to a friend across the country.  Or a text to someone having a rough day just to let you know they’re in your heart and mind.  You shouldn’t discount the little thing that you do because it didn’t have a big price tag (or any at all).  On days that suck, it’s the random texts and emails that totally make me smile.

So yeah, I’m a creature of habit. And that’s ok by me.



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