Snapshot: Tuesday night.

Oh what a night it’s been. Where to start?

Probably with the excitement of opening the Amazon box with our new video baby monitors. It’s tough managing those girls without them. I know, first world problems and surely parents get by but we love ours. Unfortunately Allie dropped ours one too many times and it kicked the bucket. Thanks to Amazon prime, they came in pretty quickly.

Except they were very obviously returns. Asses. So now to get online and chat with customer service to be sure they overnight them ASAP.

While making Kraft Mac and cheese. What?! It’s good and both girls love it.

There were chicken nuggets too. But they were whole grain breaded! Gimme a break!

Amazon mission got accomplished (our new monitor arrives on Thursday), but then the girl needed to work on a project. So while I walked to talk to her, I might have been eating the leftover bit of Mac out of the pot. Or actually, I was. I swear i thought, “I’m doing pretty ok if this is the low point of my night.” Idiot.

I sent dad up with Allie to entertain her and get her off my leg while I worked with Ava downstairs. Win. I figured I should remind him to watch out for our Elf on the Shelf because she was on a low shelf having a tea party. Allie could reach her. Eh, he’ll see. He knows that Gingerbread should never be touched.

But not.

We all went upstairs to read for a while before bed when Ava started crying and screaming, “noooooooooo! Gingerbread!”

Craaaaaaaaaap. I didn’t notice that Allie had knocked down the elf on the shelf while playing with dad upstairs.

Oh the crying was epic. Call me mean, but I was happy she was so upset. That meant her little heart still truly believed in the magic of her little elf. Score. Allie kept touching Ava on the face and hugging her while she cried. My heart melted even more.

After some hugging and an email to Santa, we finally calmed her enough to make her realize that Santa would understand Allie didn’t mean it. Surely he wouldn’t hold it against us. Phew.

I read to Allie and kissed her goodnight. She quickly laid down and her sweet face passed out.

Ava read to me and I kissed her, but not before she read Santa’s reply. I’ve got some incredible friends, y’all. She was beaming because Santa had seen her as an angel. All was right in her world again.

Just like every other crazy, non-stop night, I headed down, and collapsed on the bed till I finally had to get up and start prepping for tomorrow. Gingerbread has been sent off to rest and now it’s time to call it a day. Goodnight friends.

Don’t worry, Gingerbread is getting TLC and being guarded by her friends now:


4 thoughts on “Snapshot: Tuesday night.

  1. I joke that between 5-7pm we are a “shit show” for a lack of a better word. Crying, whining, laughing and loving. It is a crazy life but these are the nights I know we will crave 20 years from now..the noise especially!

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