Dear Santa: Buy me This.

So remember that time Ava told me that I should really use the special stuff for my skin so I wouldn’t have the bumps? Yeah that was awesome. Clearly I’m no stranger to buying stuff for my skin to try and look good.

Well now I think I found something even better. If you’ve never had a facial, I HIGHLY recommend it. They feel awesome. But don’t get all crazy and get half your skin burned off on the first visit. That’s not wise. Also, know that your face will be red and not beautiful and covered in makeup when you leave–so don’t schedule a hot date right after.

But they do use this awesome rotating brush that makes your face feel like all the garbage in the air around you has sloughed away and left you with a baby-butt-soft face. I seriously want one of those. I’d been thinking about it but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. Heck, the only reason I even get the facials is because I usually get a gift certificate from the wonderful hub for Mother’s Day.

Anywho, I’ve found something that does the job and it costs less than one facial. Actually, it’s like HALF the cost of a facial. DING DING DING! Winner winner chicken dinner!

I’d heard of the brand Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula and seen it around but didn’t know much about it. Till I learned more when BlogHer told me about it.

dear santa: buy me that ^^^

Revolve 400x at $45 (retail price $98), free shipping.
Through Jan 31, 2013. CODE: DDFMICRODERMA

So I need one of these. I’m pretty sure Santa will be buying me one. Or me, same thing. So basically this thing exfoliates your skin while it’s wet and leaves you feeling pretty, shiny and new. And it’s on sale. Like a lot. $45 for something for me? Not a ton of guilt with that! (I’m a severe mama guilt person and hate spending money on stuff for me. Except if it’s coffee, because then, obviously.) And no shipping! I hate paying for shipping. (I’m also cheap.)

And if you’re in the shopping mood, you can get another product for half off with purchase! Hello! WIN! Buy something for you and another for a friend as a Christmas gift. Or maybe some anti-aging serum for someone with a full time job and kids who are constantly sick or waking them up. ::cough cough-me::

Merry Christmas to me and better skin for all!


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