Don’t Feed the Fire.

There’s really nothing that any of us can say that can bring light or wisdom to the tragedy in Newtown.  It was horrendous.  Nothing can make it ok or justify any of it.  Nothing will bring back those precious babies that were the same age and same grade as my Ava.  It makes me sick thinking of the horror all those babies went through.

Whether you’re on either spectrum of the gun control debate, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that mental health needs to be taken more seriously.  Maybe some people are just evil and nothing will ever help them.  But there are some who severely need mental health help.

The stigma associated with mental illness needs to stop.  People think people who are “crazy” are a lesser class of people.  Mental illness isn’t made up or a cop out.  It’s real. Very real.  It is a diagnosis that results from chemical imbalances and other reasons.

If people are scared to get help because they worry about what people will think of them, do you think they’re gonna get it?

If people actually TRY to get help, but they can’t when they are in crisis because resources aren’t readily available, then what?

I’m on the verge of unfriending the person that “Liked” this comment.

that ^ is bullshit.

All I know is that THIS is not constructive.  THIS is not adding to a healthy debate.  THIS is just stupid.  Because at the end of the day, violence to solve violence is NOT the answer.  Calling a kid that needs help a “weird withdrawn fucking ungrateful shitbag” just feeds the bullying and the problem.  I don’t condone anything that’s happened.  I don’t know if any of us will ever enough to fully understand any of Friday’s events.  But this kind of talk has to stop.


Dear Lord, I pray that you give peace to those families whose lives were forever changed. For those baby angels watching over them.  I pray that the children and friends of those babies can get by and not forever be traumatized, if at all possible.  I pray for those delicate hearts that are already fragile that they can get through this time and the never ending sadness in daily life without further damage to their souls. Amen.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Feed the Fire.

  1. I saw someone in my feed “like” this comment, too, and it took everything in me not to CAPSLOCK RAGE. How, how, how is this remotely the answer to our problems? This is precisely the attitude that encourages these events. My heart is so sad, and knowing 70k+ people agree with this? The sadness grows.

  2. I saw the same post on my fees and decided I need to take a hiatus from Facebook before I go apeshat on all those people. Ignorance breeds hate and fear.

  3. There is a difference between the mentally ill and just fucking crazy. My doctor treated another doctor for depression and he still went out and sliced up his girlfriend in the OR. He was getting treated. My point is, if your deranged and have a plan to do something, you’re going to do it. No pill can prevent that.

    • I absolutely agree. I think I just hate the idea that people think violence is a fix. Or name calling a kid. It just all makes me mad. It’s tragic. I don’t think there’s any one solution.

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