Tis the Season.

i wrote this in the morning before i saw the news. 

It’s Friday! Friday! Wooooo! What a week! I’ve got some big projects going on at work so I’ve been like the Energizer Bunny the past couple days. Today is much slower, so I’m thankful for that.

We had an awesome visit with my brother last weekend.  Ava’s birthday party literally went off without any snafoos and it was awesome.  I forgot why I never do them: they are SO much work. And pricey. But she had an awesome time and so did her friends and we will definitely be donig something like that again.

Christmas is in full swing around here.  We saw some people riding down our street on bikes (some tandem) and the bikes were completely decked out in Christmas lights. It was the coolest thing ever! Ava and I were oohing and aahing.  Even Allie got in on it.  Too bad it all happened so quickly because I would’ve loved to have taken a picture.  Leave it to cyclists in Austin to do something so cool.

Allie’s Christmas program was also last night.  If you’ve ever wondered where the expression “herding a bunch of cats?” it’s because someone was talking about what it’s like to herd a bunch of toddlers.  Literally.  They even carried around a bag of bells. It was so cute.  She didn’t do much but shake her groove thing, but the girl is still mastering the art of talking. She’ll sing next year.

Ava’s super excited because OHMYGOSH next week she’ll have pajama day. GASP! If you don’t have a child in school, pajama day is the coolest thing ever in life. And she gets to bring a stuffed animal and blanket.  The excitement is precious. I love it.

That damn Elf on the Shelf is still hanging out making me cuss her nightly as I have to figure out someplace new for her to go.  Pretty much I slum it and haven’t done many of the Pintertastic ideas I’ve seen online.

Allie’s Christmas party is this afternoon and I found these lovelies at Whole Foods while picking up fruit for the party (because I forgot yesterday).  Don’t you wish you could send stuff through your phone to someone you love far away?  Pour vous.

This weekend we have a Christmas function on the agenda and that’s it.  But we’ll have a sitter! GROWN UP MOM AND DAD TIME!!! I’m looking forward to it even though I have no idea what I’ll be wearing.  And I don’t really know anyone.  Either way, it doesn’t happen enough so this will be super nice.  It’s been a hectic week so it’ll be nice to decompress.  No dishes.  No laundry.  No whining.

Then the news came.

After the sad and tragic story in about those precious kids and people in Connecticut (why do people have to do such horrendous things to others?!?!), I’m looking forward to holding my babies tight when I get home and I’m not letting them go.  Ever.


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