Christmas at My Place.

I love decorating at Christmas. I think it’s the thing that really makes me feel like a grown up at the holidays.  Getting to decorate your own home, especially for your babies to enjoy is something that’s so special.

I don’t have a ton of decorations (or style sense) but here’s a sneak peek at the few things in our house.  What’s in yours?

our hodge podge Christmas tree. each piece carefully selected with love. nothing matches and that’s how i like it.
ceramic Santa my aunt got me. allie loves to visit with Santa.
 our first year of lights! (i think i need something that is inflatable or lights up. call me clark griswold. i’ll be searching the sales after Christmas)
stockings & snow globes
kitchen counter
advent wreath. elf on the shelf joined us for the first night.
awesome book i got for the girls
front table
our nativity nook. far off the ground from grabby little hands


2 thoughts on “Christmas at My Place.

  1. We have our tree, and stockings over the fireplace, a few different nativities (one beneath the tree, inside the train and the other by the fireplace . . . though with the kids, the big game is “who can hide the wise men?”) . . . not a whole lot, but the kids are getting into it, so I believe things will get much more interesting around the house in the next few years, at Christmastime.

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