Christmas Gift Idea {And Giveaway!} (CLOSED)

Update: Kassie you’re the winner!



I love my kids. I’m going a bit crazy trying not to get everything for them.  But realistically, I know that no matter what we get them, by next Christmas it’s going to be in a bin in the play room or in a box on the way to Goodwill.

Kids are fickle, yo.

Enter the Shutterfly photo book.  I had the genius idea that this year I was going to make each girl a “Year in Review” type book that incorporates pictures from the entire year.

Kids are also vain and like to look at pics of themselves.

And I’m also lazy and the pictures all live in my phone and on my computer.  The most recent printed picture of Allie is from May. How pathetic is that?!  Don’t judge, I’m sure most of you are guilty of the same thing.  With all our fancy technology, our homes should be covered in pictures!

So I remembered how much Ava loved the book I made her a couple years ago for her 5th birthday and decided this needs to be a yearly Christmas tradition.  I started Ava’s book and was blown away how awesome it came out.  ::pats self on back for being so smart and artistic::

Ok, not really. But Shutterfly has a million cool stickers and layouts and backgrounds. It was hard to squish it all into 20 pages.  I could’ve probably made the book bigger but then it would never end.   Here’s a peek at the April page.

How cool is that right?  I spent forever perfecting and playing with all the stickers and getting the layouts and backgrounds just so.  Then on to Allie’s book:

I was so proud of myself and my idea you would’ve thought I just created the internet.  So then I started telling everyone and their mother about how they need to make one of these for their kids for Christmas because it’s the best thing ever in the universe.

Sea World anyone?

I told Shutterfly how excited I was about the books I made and they didn’t even think I was crazy! They enjoyed my excitement, and now I get to giveaway one of you your very own 20 page Shutterfly Photo Book!  This is gonna be a quickie giveaway so you can make yours in time for Christmas if you want to give it as a gift.  Seriously, even if you don’t win you really do win if you make one of these for a gift because they are having sales right now and they’re just plain awesome. For reals.

Just tell me who you want to make a book for or what it’ll be about.
Want an extra entry? Like my Facebook page and leave a second comment telling me you did (or already do)!

Leave your comment by Sunday, December 9 at 11:59 pm.   

I’ll pick the winner on Monday morning and you’ll have an email waiting for you by lunch!

the fine print: i asked shutterfly if i could host a giveaway and they were awesome enough to say yes and they also gave me a book.  these are my own opinions and my friends are probably tired of me constantly talking about these books and how great they are.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Idea {And Giveaway!} (CLOSED)

  1. Ooh, you are inspiring me. I want to make a Year in Review book for Jack. For sure. He’s grown so much this year, I need to document! And how right you are that kids are unapologetic about how much they like to look at pictures of themselves!

  2. Jess, you have inspired me. I need to do something with all those photos that are in my computer. I would love to do a book for my girls. I just become a Facebook fan.

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