Plans are for Suckers

When will we as parents, and Type A people like me, learn that any plan you make is a guarantee that things will not go that way?

Yesterday was supposed to be Allie’s first day at her new preschool. No more day care for that big girl. She’s 18 months now, time to get to work! (Kidding, by the way)

I was supposed to go to continuing education for work. I was going to use my lunch break to Christmas shop like I have for the last few years that I’ve been up here for seminars.

Supposed to is the operative word.

On our way there, we were about two exits from our destination. I turned around expecting her to be cutely reading her book like she was earlier. Not so much. She’d thrown up all over herself.

I quickly pulled over and stopped for a minute trying to figure out how to deal with the mess. It was a huge one. Luckily I carry a pack of wipes always. I stripped her in a random office building parking lot and tried to clean as much puke as possible. I loaded her back up and we went home.

That was the end of that.

This morning I dropped her off to her new class and new teacher and awesome new classroom. She wasn’t so sure. Even after visiting she was not sold. Crap.

I left her there after she clung to me for a few minutes and heard her screaming as I went up the stairs.




Quite the opposite of Friday when her old teacher was doing the crying after getting in Allie snuggles with her “little diva” all day.


It’s the right choice and I’m glad, but man it sucks. She’ll be having letters and colors of the week! Chapel! A better organic and natural menu than I eat.

Only 5 more hours. Not that I’m watching the clock till I can go get her or anything.


2 thoughts on “Plans are for Suckers

  1. My kids so do not handle change well. We are going to put Cate with Brady at daycare/preschool but we are so worried about the transition because she loves her nanny (we don’t by the way) so we are stalling… hope it gets better!

  2. You’re doing an awesome job, Jess. Evidence? You carry wipes with you at all times. Me? I love hanging with my MIL because she always had tissues for my girls. Like seriously, I still can’t pull it together enough to keep tissues or for the matter WIPES in my glove compartment. You’re a great mom. Anyway, from what you’ve written, it sounds like you had a great role model:)

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