Nothing Like Mama when You’re Sick.

Being sick sucks.

It’s worse as an adult is worse because you don’t have the luxury of sleeping it off because you have a job, and the kids tend to like to eat and get clean diapers.  There’s no such thing as a sick day for mom, which is funny because there’s nothing like a mom around to make you feel better.  Being a grown up is tough work sometimes.  Being a grown up without mom around when you (or your babies) don’t feel well is tougher.

I remember (the one semester) when I was away at school, I got pneumonia. I remember hobbling to the student health center feeling like death and sleeping the days away in my dorm room.  My mom sent me a big care package filled with cough drops, soup, goodies, you name it. And of course big old boxes of Kleenex.  She sent it in a box from my dad’s store that he got his barbecue sauce in.  He owns a meat market and he’s famous for his brisket.  I loved it–it was a piece of home and sent with love.  There’s nothing quite like a care package with things chosen just for you, especially when you’re under the weather.

Since I’ve had the apocalypse of sinus infections for the last several months, then surgery, I think I’ve gone through about 85 boxes of Kleenex.

One of my favorite memories of mom was the little packages of Kleenex she always had in her purse (she usually had most everything and the kitchen sink in there).  I found a little package of them recently and thought of her, since they were hers and all.  I just can’t bring myself to use them–they’re a piece of her. It’s lame, I know, but it’s grasping for straws.  There was nothing more “mom” than those little Kleenex in her purse.  She was always prepared.

My mom also loved manzanilla tea (chamomille).  Not feeling well? Drink tea.  Stomach upset? Drink the tea.  I still grab the tea when I don’t feel well.  If you’re at Starbucks, ask for Calm Tazo Tea with honey. It’s delicious. There’s just something so warming and cozy about it.

We also always had an aloe vera plant in the house.  I don’t know how many times we burned ourselves cooking and then we’d grab a piece of the leaf, crack it open and rub it all over the burn. There’s nothing like it to soothe a throbbing finger that’s burning from touching a too hot pan.

Now I’m the mom and I have my own go to fix its when they’re sick.  I always break out the humidifier when they’re stuffy, and give them a little extra TLC when they feel under the weather.  I’m a big believer that if they’re starting to feel run down, it’s time to break out the DVDs, blankies and glasses of water.  I make them take it easy to keep them from getting worse.

La Moderna estrellitas (stars)


My girls don’t do soup, so I make my favorite comfort food: sopita (rice soup).  It’s the best of both worlds, chicken and stars soup, without too much liquid and no chunks of fake chicken, but with all of the stars and even more flavor.  We all eat it by the bowl full.

You’ve probably seen this in the “Hispanic” aisle (that always makes me laugh) at the grocery store.  You just brown  it up, add about 2 2/3 cups of water and a little Maggi tomato boullion.  Let it simmer till most of the water cooks out and it’s yummy delicious.

Now I think I need some sopita and some flannel pj bottoms…



Want your own Kleenex care package?  Tell me what your favorite home remedy is. Just comment by December 2, 2012 and I’ll pick a winner on Monday.

the fine print: this post is compensated and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex. all opinions are mine. i love me some kleenex and i love my mama.



4 thoughts on “Nothing Like Mama when You’re Sick.

  1. My mom always gave us toast and tea. Toast = white toast with margarine (yum) and tea = Constant Comment tea with a tiny bit of sugar. That’s the goods. 🙂

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