Thanks and Happy.

As I sit here this morning I can’t help but be thankful on this November morning.

For the beautiful little ball of fire with an ever growing personality of independence who is laying on me as we are curled up watching tv in our warm home this morning.

For the beautiful and so smart little lady sleeping upstairs. For her spirit and kindness and loving nature.

For my supportive and loving husband of ten years who has given us a beautiful house to call a home, been by my side each day and makes me smile.

For my family, especially my parents and brother. For my in laws who dropped everything to help during my surgery and recovery.

For my friends, near, far and in my computer (especially those I can only hope to squish in person some day).

For my two girls who have been to hell and back but chose to keep on fighting everyday. Each day will be better my loves. We need you here.

For a job I enjoy and a wonderful boss.

For not only not having to work today, but for having yesterday and tomorrow off, too.

For another day to live and love.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Enjoy the yummies and the company.


What do YOU have to say?

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