Turkey Cupcakes (chocolate FTW!)

We’re in charge of bringing dessert tomorrow. Obviously there will be pie. With 8 kids I knew that pie wasn’t enough, so I decided to make chocolate cupcakes too. Pie seems like a grown up dessert. Cupcakes are an awesome dessert.

Ava was pumped, as a lover of all things chocolate. But she decided that they should be festive and volunteered to make them turkey cupcakes.

Um, ok. Whatever that means.

“It’s easy! You just need candy corn!” She said.

Yeah, I still couldn’t picture it. But thanks to Google, I knew what she was talking about. So I set out to scavenge at the grocery store in hopes of finding chocolate sprinkles and candy corn. And eyes. And something that made them look less weird.

Two stores later, I realized candy eyes are $4 a bag and creepy looking, and chocolate sprinkles only come in a nearly economy size container for $5. Pass. That’s ok, I like a challenge and thinking outside the box.

Here’s what we ended up with:
*Twizzlers pull apart candy for the waddle (the hangy thing)
*Reese’s peanut butter chips for eyes (you could make demon turkeys with red hots)
*candy corn (one bag was way more than enough, even with about 7 per cupcake)
*random sprinkles for color

That’s all you need. We pulled apart the Twizzlers and she trimmed them to size. She decorated a dozen of those little guys by herself and did a great job.


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