Mail is awesome {Free Card for You!}

I’m not sure why that title makes me want to yell “You Go Glen Coco!”  (If you haven’t seen Mean Girls, you won’t get that.  If you haven’t seen Mean Girls, go watch Mean Girls.)

I’m a big fan of sending mail.  Like, I seriously always have stamps because I like to randomly send people cards. The slogan on stamps from USPS is “Mail a Smile.”  I totally believe that because getting mail that came from someone that cares, especially when you aren’t expecting it, is awesome!  It’s way better than 3 catalogs, some coupons and a bill.

Right now you can create and send a totally personalized greeting card from for FREE. Whether saying thanks for hosting Thanksgiving and making delicious goodies that you stuffed your face with, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card (those are my favorite), you can’t go wrong with a “hand made” card from Treat.

Now you have no excuses.  You can spread the happy and someone a personalized card that you made JUST for that person!  I’ll be ordering one for Ava for her birthday.  The girl loves getting mail. But she also loves stuff that’s customized with her picture on it.  Ooooh or maybe I’ll get Santa to send her a card.

How do you get your free card?

Just enter code TREATBLOGR when you’re checking out and you’re done! Easy peasy. AND FREE.

But hurry! This code expires tomorrow. GO NOW GO!


the fine print: i was compensated for this post. i get free goodies just like you and obviously i like sending cards so i can totally use them. but my opinion that mail makes the world go round is mine. because it does. seriously. 


What do YOU have to say?

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