Fatty Boombalatty

So I hate when Ava uses the words fat, chubby, big. I don’t want her to ever say something to someone and hurt their feelings. It isn’t fun. After I blew out my abs after these two girls, she once said “it looks like you have a baby in your tummy!” Yeah, I have to watch how I stand.

Anyway I don’t want her to have body image issues and I never complain about my appearance in front of her. That’s where it all begins. But I’ve noticed my pants are tighter. I know I’m not eating great.

I know I’m not fat. But I know I’m not being healthy. I also know I’m not toned and I don’t like that. Not running has messed me up.

But today? I was a fatty. And I’m putting it in cold hard written word so that I’ll keep myself in check.

If I was running? I could care less. In fact when I’m running I do eat a lot. But I also used to run a lot. Luckily I have a really good metabolism.

I’m not running and I hardly think that one mile walk I did burned off more than the Coke I just drank. If I’m lucky.

I’m embarrassed to say what I’ve eaten but I guess that’s why MyFitnessPal works. Accountability and a big fat slap in your face to show you how bad you’re eating.


Enough babbling. Here’s what I ate today:

*5 donuts (throughout the day)
*a Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe
*a tortilla with avocado
*2 tortillas with mozzarella cheese
*a giant cheeseburger with chili and onion rings

So….yeah. I need to cut the crap. Why did I eat like that? Why not.

Obviously not ok. So I need to get back on the MyFitnessPal wagon. I’m gonna start making coffee at work again (less fatty than buying a latte). Make my oatmeal for breakfast and bring lunch. When I don’t bring lunch I buy yummy comfort food downstairs. Full of fat. I need to start chugging the water. Bringing snacks and snacking better.

No more. Done.


3 thoughts on “Fatty Boombalatty

  1. That sounds like a delicious day. And you have an insane metabolism — like the best of anyone I’ve ever seen.

    But I support you, as always. Let me know when it’s time to go get a salad and I’ll be there. 🙂

  2. I am with you… after having surgery on my leg today- the first of THREE I know that working out will not be happening for quite some time so I need to eat better. For me, for my kids and for my pants!

  3. I’ve been horrible about the food logging on MyFitnessPal . . . but I’ve been pretty good about logging my workouts. Sadly, I’m not on MyFitnessPal all that much, but I’ve been very accurate.

    I once had a coworker from Russia who got stumped on a crossword . . . three letter word for obese starting with “F”. She refused to believe the word was “fat” because it was a “naughty word,” so you’re not alone in not wanting to hear it.

    If you’re anything like me, binges of bad eating can all trace back to something far more than “it looked yummy at the time.” Normally, I can justify most of my food choices by my physical activity, but I’ve seriously been slacking.

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