Dear Pharmaceutical companies:

We will keep buying your medicines because we have no choice when our kids are sick. But with all the technology can’t you do parents a solid and make them taste less crappy? I mean really. COME ON.


Mom who got thrown up on. Twice.

Obviously a child is sick. The small one has an ear infection.

If it was the big one I would’ve bribed her to take the medicine. That doesn’t work with the beast.

I say that in the most loving way. It’s hilarious that the second is so different from the first child. And by hilarious I mean: yikes!


Tomorrow I’m going back for a follow up from surgery. I’m super nervous. I *think* I might have stitches in there still and the prospect of getting them removed after last week’s brain stabbing is terrifying. Besides, my nose has been super dry and sore so who knows what’s happening in there.

I’ve been taking a vitamin D3 supplement and I’m pleasantly surprised by the results. I’d gone to the doctor last month and learned I was pretty deficient. Deficiency can affect mood and cause fatigue. Ding ding ding! It’s shocking that I’m not ready to pass out at 8:30 anymore. I’m still tired, but not exhausted.

It’s F1 Race weekend here in Austin. Apparently this is a huge deal. I didn’t get it till I realized the magnitude of this race. Clearly I know nothing about car races because I had no idea F1 was so big. Either way, the financial implications for the city are good and it literally puts us on the map which is awesome.

The suck part is traffic is already bad and it’ll only get worse tomorrow. And all weekend. You won’t find me anywhere near downtown this weekend, if I can help it.

But we may pay a visit to Santa this weekend…I am playing Christmas music already so might as well go all in!



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