Call me Sucker. Or Mom. Same thing.

Friends, I have a problem.

I like to buy my kids stuffed animals. Like a lot.

It all started at Disney World.  Allie picked up her little Bolt stuffed dog and the rest was history. It HAD to be that one. She saw all of them, she browsed the store.  She saw him, bit his nose, and he was hers forever.  It was the cutest thing EVER. Sigh, does anyone want to send me to Disney? Please? I’m having withdrawals.

So anyway, I loved it.  Ava picked her stuffed cat there on Main Street USA and she hugged that thing like no other.

They both love them.  It could be because Allie is just partial to animals, or because Ava’s got about 500 of them on her bed (ok, not THAT many).  But it’s precious.

And I’m gonna keep feeding the beasts.

Little girls should get to be little girls for as long as possible. They grow up so quickly today that it’s insane.  The idea that Allie will know how to use my iPhone by the time she is 2 is just crazy.  The fact that I probably won’t get Ava another DVD because I only by digital copies online now? Nuts.  Yes, they run, they play, they make believe. As it should be.  Ava dances.  Allie will too.

But the world around them is flying by and I don’t want them to jump on the train and zoom right past me.

the haul from the last trip to Cabela’s


Ava is going on 7.  And when kids around her are talking about boys, and boyfriends (seriously, WTF!?!), and this and that, I want my baby to stay a little girl for as long as possible.

So this year, I think Santa is finally making a stop at the American Girl Store on his way to our house.  Santa has a nifty Google Drive document and has already been compiling ideas and marking her his list.

She gets the catalogs and browses them thoughtfully when they come in.  We’ve bought her a couple knock offs from Target that are 1/3 the price.  But this year, if she wants it, we’re doing it.

Because as long as she’s willing to play with dolls, I want her to play with them.

So I will happily enable the addiction.


5 thoughts on “Call me Sucker. Or Mom. Same thing.

  1. Oooooh, I hear American Girl dolls are like crack. Once you start, you can’t stop. You’ll be planning a trip to the store, spending more on their clothes than your own, don’t even get me started on the accessories. My cousins {now 12 and 15} have a huge trunk of them that I am hoping makes their way to Tate’s little hands.

  2. I must google American Dolls because I have no clue what that is.
    i agree that we should keep our kids as kids. Society is rushing us to make our kids grow up. Poop on that.

  3. Look on ebay for the American Girl doll — my mom got Sarah’s there and it was only $40! And it is the real deal. My kids all have favorite stuffed animals — I love it!

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