Secret Mommyhood Confession: Worst Patient Ever.

Obviously I’ve been on the receiving end of care this week.  Well, half a week.  It’s not been fun.

I got my splints out yesterday and HOLY CRAP. I swear she was pulling out my brain and eyeballs through my nose.  By far the most painful part of this whole process.  A “snip of a stitch” and then she’d just “pull them out” sounds so light and easy.  I guarantee it was not. There was tugging.  There was me going tingly because I probably could have passed out.  I cried the bit of mascara I idiotically put on thinking I’d be awesome because “LOOK AT ME! I’m 2 days post surgery and don’t look like total ass!”  She showed me.

I got home and scarfed two giant breakfast tacos then passed out after taking 3 Tylenol. It was awesome.

Anyway, so the in laws have been here.  Thank goodness because managing the girls and me is not easy.

I’m the worst patient EVER. (says the woman who helped pack and move an entire house 2 weeks after having a baby)

But instead of capitalizing on two extra people to help around the house?  My dumbass still tried to do stuff.  I should have pretty much taken to the bed and not come out, right? Yeah. No. That doesn’t work with a nearly 18 month old that needs you.  Or a nearly 7 year old who needs this or that.  I just can’t relinquish control that way.

We had a mini but oh so delicious Thanksgiving dinner last night.  It was awesome! And before my mother in law could come downstairs this morning, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.   Then I took the girl to ballet while I took the other with me to Starbucks. Then I took them to an awesome birthday party with like 80 2-year-olds and that’s where I had to draw the line because I was sweating a lot and that’s just embarrassing. We called it early on that one.

I know, I’m crazy like that.

I don’t know how to take it easy. At all.

But I did learn this after my surgery: I NEVER EVER plan to have any type of elective surgery ever. IN MY LIFE. Ever. Screw that.  I was reminded from my chronic migraine days that narcotics don’t work on me.  So yeah, not even rest for me after surgery.  Thest I got was 3 Tylenol on Friday after the brain sucking and a 3 hour nap.

Don’t blame me. I just have to do it all. Even with giant tampons stuffed up my nose and helpers all around me.

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4 thoughts on “Secret Mommyhood Confession: Worst Patient Ever.

  1. I think I actually have a disease . . . if there isn’t something that is physically preventing me from performing a task, I can’t allow anyone else to do the task. This means that I’ll push through injury, throw aside recovery, skip sleep or meals . . . it’s bad. Especially when somebody is around, wanting me to ask them for help.

    So you’re not alone. Sorry about the tugging (that sounds horrible on so many levels), but glad you’re recovering . . . even if recovering with insanity.

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