Surgery update.

Well surgery is done! I don’t even remember being rolled into the operating room, so that’s awesome. It all went well and apparently the doctor said my nose was packed like concrete. I’m so glad that she offered surgery because clearly Neti Pot and Claritin D wasn’t gonna fix that.

The pain wasn’t fun but wasn’t too horrendous. I’m immune to pain meds it seems and the hard core one she prescribed did little more than let me sleep awhile.

Honestly the worst part of yesterday was the migraine last night. I was literally crying and the pain was horrible. Combine that with a right nose and it is not a good mix. Luckily a hot shower, 3 ibuprofen and a nap later and I was up and having toast around 9 that night.

My in laws are here and I am incredibly thankful. They have been able to get the girls to and from school and make sure everyone is fed. I’m not one to accept help, but after last night’s migraine and overdoing it trying to sit with Allie while she ate, I’m handing over the duties. At least for now.

Thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers. I’m so incredibly glad this is finally done.


4 thoughts on “Surgery update.

  1. Glad to hear things went well. “Packed like concrete” is really a bad description for anything that is not, in fact, concrete.

    I’ve only been put under for surgery a few times, but every time, I think “these drugs aren’t doing anything” and then I wake up somewhere else.

    Let us know when you’re fully on the mend — rest now, keep those migraines at bay.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better! And I’m with John, “packed like concrete’ is not a description that you’d like to hear bout anything but concrete. Keep resting and get ALL better!

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