Two days. And other stuff.

Just two more days.  Then I’m getting me a fancy new nose.

Well, ok not on the outside.  On the inside only.  But I won’t lie, I honestly thought ever so briefly about having her go in there and do a little somethingsomething to the bump on my nose.  But then what would I be teaching Ava? I constantly remind her that she is perfect the way she is, but if I changed my appearance I’d be a hypocrite.

Anyway, so I’m on day 4 of my plague antibiotics and I think I’ve finally met my match. They make me nauseous, even though the pharmacist says they shouldn’t.  I missed the Race for the Cure yesterday and even had Ava play hooky from Sunday school.

But the light is on the horizon!  Two more days and they’ll carve out all the bad stuff and maybe I can breathe again. And stop snoring. And not have headaches and feel like my head is going to self destruct.  And you’ll stop hearing me complain!


With that said, I have to give an update on me too.  I’m definitely feeling better. Thank goodness for awesome doctors who listen and work with you.  A little tweak here and there and I’m on my way to being myself again.


So yesterday I was feeling real cool because daylight savings didn’t really hit our house. The girls woke up at “regular time,” which means they would have actually slept in.  Let’s not kid anyone though, they were both up before 7am.  We got tons done and we were both constantly saying, “it’s only xx:00?? How is that possible?”

Yeah. Till this morning. Allie was up at 4:00. In the morning. MORNING. FOUR.  Gah. That monkey is really lucky I like her.  Sheesh.


My in laws are graciously coming in to town to help out with the girls. I’m beyond excited. But you know what else that means? Our house is super duper clean. So yay to that!  I even got the truck washed.  Pulling out all the stops.  Also?  We’re having Thanksgiving on Friday since we won’t see them for Thanksgiving. WOOOO! My favorite holiday and all the deliciousness twice? Yes please!


One more work day and it’s on.


6 thoughts on “Two days. And other stuff.

  1. So hoping this makes you feel better once and for all! How will the recovery be? Take care of you and if you don’t tell anyone DST didn’t bother our house either…though the day lasted forever!

  2. I remember hearing about a children’s book that was coming out, explaining plastic surgery . . . I really have no idea how I’d go about explaining why daddy’s nose looks different, or why mommy’s boobs are bigger to my kids. I have a cousin who was getting a “mommy lift” and went up something like 5 cup sizes overnight . . . she has lovely daughters, all of whom are relatively flat-chested, and I really worry about the message she sent.

    And here’s to having you feel better — I hate the feeling of being all stuffed up. I can’t imagine having it be so bad that surgery is the legitimate option to clear things up. *hugs*

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