Stop and Look.

I could never be accused of being slow. Ever.  Even as a gimp, I still hobbled around too much and too quickly.  I always look like I’m late when I walk down the hall and I often wonder what it’s like to just slowly saunter, because I’m pretty sure I’m incapable unless walking with my grandma.

But sometimes you have to stop.  Slow down. PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Gasp!  I’m very guilty of that one, it’s surgically attached to my hand and I often use it to avoid awkward silence.  And let’s just be honest, it’s slightly addictive and really a habit more than anything else.

It’s so easy to look straight ahead.  To look at your phone.  To look everywhere but around you.

You can miss the pretty things that you “see” daily and really don’t ever notice.  So stop.  Slow down. Open your eyes.  Look around you.  Really look and see everything around you.

Your friends.

The trees on the side of the road as you drive home.

The food you eat.

Even the building you work in.

I promise you won’t be sorry.

*view of the Capitol (which I see everyday as I walk into work) *delicious homemade cranberry sauce (aren’t the colors gorgeous?) *sitting on a rocking chair while I got the truck washed (it was awesome)


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