You’ve Gotta Laugh.

I started my new antibiotics today.  My doctor said they’re the big mama of antibiotics.  As I read the informational leaflet (not that it would affect whether I take them, only that I’d know how messed up I might be), I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the infections it treats.

Plague! Anthrax! HA!  Maybe I’m just delirious from being sick so long, but I found it OH so amusing that my meds are used to treat plague and anthrax. I always joked that I have plague, because seriously that’s like from 1600, right?  Maybe I shouldn’t laugh till I actually have my meds in me for a while. I’m already starting to feel the dizzies.  I made sure I ate as suggested before taking it, but…maybe I should eat more Halloween candy.

maybe I should invest in a full length mirror. I never know whether I should smile in the self portrait. you look goofy either way when you take a pic of yourself.

But at least I’ll be fighting the plague in my cute boots (Ecco at Nordstrom–best purchase ever) and my new bangs. You’ve heard of sassy pants? Well these are my sassy boots. I have a feeling I’m going to wear them a LOT this fall/winter.  Especially when the temp actually goes below 80. It’s close to 90 degrees today. Luckily my office is always a brisk 65.

Happy November!


2 thoughts on “You’ve Gotta Laugh.

  1. Wow, that sounds serious. I kinda always feel the need to laugh hysterically whenever I read the information about my meds. Why was I taking it again?
    I’m sorry your sick, I hope those meds kick in soon. They should work, right? 😉

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