Nice try, Disney.

Disney, I love you. I love everything about you. We visited Disney this summer and we’re still riding the Disney wave. Ava’s 7th birthday party will have Minnie Mouse rolled into it. Not many 7 year olds love Disney, but she does. And Allie? Well she thinks Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh are fannnnntastic.

We love Princess and the Frog. Ava loves what a hard worker she was and is always proud when she does stuff around the house.  She loves Pocahontas. And Doc McStuffins? She’s awesome and Ava loves her!

But you know what I don’t love? That there has yet to be a Hispanic princess. Not one. Until now.


I’m not writing to applaud Disney. I’m writing to say how disappointed I am.

I’ve been watching the previews for the movie and was so excited for a new princess movie. So was Ava. Till I learned that Sofia is actually supposed to be Hispanic.

Not a problem. YAY for that.

Except she looks like she’s white. Super white.

Again, not a problem because ::hello:: look at me, I’m not the brownest Mexican of them all.

And the person you got to do her voice? Also white. At least Sara Ramirez (Callie on Grey’s Anatomy) is playing her mom.

Seriously, were there no young Hispanic actresses available? I find that hard to believe.

And the way she becomes a princess? Her mom (the shop keeper) marries the white king after he buys some shoes from her.


I just feel disappointed.

It’s my job to provide culture to my daughter. To provide role models. I know that. I teach my daughter that she’s beautiful. I remind her that it doesn’t matter that her skin is darker and that it doesn’t have to be light like ours. She asks. Trust me. She notices that she’s one of the 2 or 3 kids in her class with “dark skin.”

Just yesterday she came home very upset because a boy in class saw a picture of the four if us and called our family weird. She’s convinced he said it because of her skin. True or not, she didn’t get that from nowhere. Needless to say, there will be an email to the teacher.

Disney, in doing your job to create a new movie to market towards young girls, don’t you think you could have provided someone more representative of what most young Hispanic girls look like? Couldn’t you have given them a beautiful girl with darker skin and brown eyes?

Maybe this was a PR afterthought which turned out to be a giant fail. I can only hope so.

I’m not saying we won’t watch the movie. But it’ll be just like all the others. It was a nice try, Disney. But keep at the drawing board. Really.

Thanks anyway.


4 thoughts on “Nice try, Disney.

  1. So disappointed in Disney. They had a great opportunity and chose not to take advantage of it. I think you and I should submit a proposal to them, Jess. I want to model the diversity we see around us for my girls. How can I do that with such limited options for our very favorite Disney characters, the Disney princesses?

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