Another day, another year.

It doesn’t get much easier.

This year we are celebrating with a chocolate cake in your honor. Ava said we should make your favorite. Sorry, mom but I don’t make pecan pie. That was your favorite, right? At least I remember at the end. But I know we are safe with chocolate. You were a T., after all.

We’ll enjoy it with some ice cream after we get home from dance class. Ava did a great job decorating and it is delish!

It’s another day, but not just any day. It’s a celebration of you.

Just because you’re not here doesn’t mean we won’t remember you. I’ll tell Ava a special story. I’m sure she will have a beautiful prayer for you at bedtime. She’s awesome like that.

Soon Allie will know about you too.

I won’t let my girls forget you.

Without you, there’d be no me.

Without me, there’d be no them.

Thank you.

Happy birthday mama.