Remember when?

…Saturday Night Live was funny? When Maya Rudolph, Amy Pohler and Adam Sandler made us laugh? When the skits didn’t capitalize on a convicted child molester for laughs?

…a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal was only $2.99? And you enjoyed eating it too. The idea that their food was anything less than meat never crossed your mind. And they didn’t waste time pretending it was anything more by adding lettuce or tomatoes.

…you could put $3 in your little car’s tank and know it’d get you around for a few more days since gas was about $1 a gallon. Now, I can’t get a gallon with $3 and my big old truck would just laugh at the idea that $3 would get me anywhere with that 21 gallon tank.

…you could sleep in till you were ready to get up, and the idea of being up at 7 on a Saturday morning was appalling, not “sleeping in.”

…you could go to the movies for $1. It was a last call movie, but now you can’t even pay for the service fee on tickets for $1.

…pagers were all the rage? Someone could beep you and you’d break out your $0.25 (you actually carried cash) and you’d find a pay phone in the Mervyn’s and give a call back. I’m pretty sure my kid has no idea what a pay phone is.

…people didn’t know what you had for lunch, the first time your kid peed on a potty, or where you were at that very moment. The idea that people needed to know or cared what you were doing every second of the day just never occurred to people. And for the record, they mostly still don’t care but for some reason we think they need to. Gotta love social media.

Happy Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Remember when?

  1. Uphill! Both ways!! Hahaha…

    Seriously though, we were too broke for me to have a pager. But we did have a computer with internet access through AOL.

  2. We still watch SNL out of some odd form of dedication. I do love Jason Sudeikis. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, yes. I do not care to know what everyone I’ve ever met had for breakfast or when they go to the gym. I do love social media but I wish people still knew what not to share.

    Right there with you, as usual.

  3. Excellent ๐Ÿ™‚ The pager thing KILLS me! A boyfriend of mine had one and I had to memorize the number so I could get in touch with him. And if you typed 911 it meant ‘call me back NOW!’ Good times ๐Ÿ™‚

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