Donde Esta Santa Claus?

Phew. This week. Lemme tell you. It was a rough one. But sometimes it happens.

There was the start of the sick (again), physical therapy, CT scan and the doctor appointment where I found out I need sinus surgery. So yeah, not feeling well.

I got a call that Allie was bit no less than 14 times by ants, but they found no anthill. She’s fine. Thank God she’s not allergic and her teacher heard her cry and immediately moved her and put an ice pack on them.

On Wednesday while explaining how tired I was to Ava since I was sick she asked me: “so since you’re so tired did you eat lunch or take a nap at your desk?” Gah that girl knows me so well. “Actually,” I said, “I had to go get an X-ray and since I am so busy I ate my food while I worked.”

There were two late nights of finishing homework with Ava, but it was awesome and she’s a smarty so duh, no big deal.

And it was a busy busy week. Anything out of the ordinary? No, not really. But when you’re not feeling well the stress and everything tied to it feels magnified.

I *might* have laid on my office floor for a few minutes yesterday and debated crying or crawling under the desk. For the record, I did neither and realized the only option was to get it together and get the work done. And I did, because it is my job and all. I think that’s my new mantra: there is no other option, so just get it done l, do it right, and get over it.

It felt good marking things off my massive to do list on my giant white board.

That’s not to say I wasn’t looking for stress relief as I waited at Walgreens to pick up 2/3 of the medication they forgot to put in my bottle. I moseyed on down the Halloween aisle and made my way through the Christmas section (yes, they have one and it’ll be here before we know it) where I bought the funniest little dog. A singing chihuahua in a sombrero who happily dances to “Mamacita donde esta Santa Claus?” Allie thought it was awesome. Luckily she can’t work the button so well yet or my Lord the annoyance and disregard to common sense on that purchase.

So from me and our newest chihuahua, happy weekend. It’s a good day.

(I think he looks like Diana’s new real life puppy, which means super cute)



4 thoughts on “Donde Esta Santa Claus?

  1. Ugh…Walgreens. I used to get my medication there when I worked in the US. They ALWAYS owed me pills. Once they sent it to Canada. It took weeks to get here. When I opened the bottle, the pills were practically reduced to dust.
    I have no words for the ants…shudder

  2. We have no less than 3 singing/dancing animals here. And I hide of them. I loathe them. And your kids are smart. And have skilz πŸ™‚ So in short? You’re screwed πŸ™‚ Hope you’re feeling better SOON

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