October, so far. Now with surgery!

Fall is here my friends. It was 50 degrees on Sunday! That wasn’t the high, but still. It sent me into a spin of “the girls must have warm clothes!” I’ve added coats to the list, but seeing as how today the high is close to 90, I guess I can table it for a bit. Gotta love Texas.


I’m sick. Again.

Seriously it’s ridiculous. I’m at the doctor as I write. Isn’t technology awesome? I don’t have the time or energy to have a sore throat for another 3 weeks so I called as soon as it hit. And the verdict is…sinus surgery. Next month. Yay. No really, yay if it means I don’t get sick anymore.


We’ve had parent teacher conference this year and my kiddo is a genius! Ok we’ll they didn’t say that exactly but she’s doing way awesome in school. Yay!!!!


What else…

Allie got a new carseat! She was finally like a pound away from the weight limit so we are trying out an Evenflo E3 or something. So far so good. But that thing is huge.


(I’m not really writing this so that I don’t jinx it because whenever you say out loud your kid is doing something, they stop)

Allie is sleeping again! That one night (one hour) of “sleep training” and she’s back to her awesome self. Ava on the other hand…

She’s still waking up on occasion. She is sleeping with her light on because for about 2 weeks she was waking nightly with nightmares or something. At least she’s staying mostly asleep now. Not ideal but I don’t have to sleep with the light. We even tried a sleep reward chart. She’s working toward an awesome projecting night light but the ticker restarted after she was up 3 times in one night.


Physical therapy is going. I’ve been twice. I guess it’d help if I actually did my stuff at home. I need motivation to do yoga. Surely that’d help.

So that’s it for now. Just wanted to say hi. Course it wouldn’t be Wednesday without some pictures.



4 thoughts on “October, so far. Now with surgery!

  1. We need to get Chase a booster seat. We still have him in the car seat. When we clip him in he always says “Momma, watch out for my junk. They get really squashed”…oops.

  2. Um, wondering where I have been? Um, yeah I typed in your new blog into google reader wrong. So, now I am crazy catching up on you and your life and realizing we must gchat soon! Hang in there! Hope you are feeling better and sleep gets better! We are dealing with monsters… LOL

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