It’s Thursday?

I was hoping to take today and write about my failed attempts at the Cardboardbox Diet. Primarily the fact that I haven’t been doing much. I guess I’ll talk about that later.

Instead I’m laying on the floor upstairs, phone on timer at my side, monitor next to it, and screaming baby behind me in her room.

After yet another miserable night for sleep, I realized I need to get this baby going to bed on her own and sleeping through the night again. She knows how to do both. She naps great at school and even stays on her cot when she wakes up.

Lately you’d never guess it.

It’s probably my fault. We’ve gone out of town 3 times in the last 2 months. Once for a week! No wonder the poor kid is messed up. Factor in colds and molars, and well it just plain old sucks. Bad.

I’m exhausted. I honestly stopped a minute tonight and thought, “oh hey it’s Thursday!” How I didn’t realize this, I’m not sure. Auto pilot I think. Same old routine, same old work. Different day.

Sigh. Now we just moved to ten minute intervals.

A first when I went in and laid her down I don’t think she knew what happened. Took her a minute to cry. Now she gets more angry with each entrance and exit.

8:23 more minutes till the next time I abandon her while she cries. (Ok slightly dramatic but the toughness I thought I had is slowly wearing down.)

And it’s Thursday. So at least there’s that.

Update!!!! She’s asleep! And I’m probably jinxing it, but round one and it only took one hour. Here’s hoping we don’t have to repeat during the night. Thank you friend.


One thought on “It’s Thursday?

  1. OH lawd…we could have stayed up together. Chase has the worst growing pains going on. I have to sit there massaging his knees and putting heating pads on him. Poor guy…and poor me. Well cheers to the weekend and sleeping in…probably not though. Mom’s never sleep.

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