Today was a great day.  It was a great weekend, for that matter.

For the first time in 2 years, we had a date night. A really for truly date night with a babysitter.

To go see a concert.

To go see John Legend. ::aweeeeeessssooome::

And we ate at a ridiculously delicious restaurant.  I splurged, which I never do. And every single morsel was so worth it.

We even got to have a drink at the W.

This morning we had Starbucks and relaxed while waiting for Ava to get done with religious formation (it’s not catechism anymore, who knew?).  We took the girls to church and then went to have lunch at Luby’s.  That place is hopping on a Sunday at lunch time!

Seriously, it’s crazy how things go full circle.  I can remember countless Sundays where we went to church then out and about for errands.  And meals at Wyatt’s Cafeteria.  Maybe this will be something that they’ll remember some day.

Hopefully we’ll settle into our new Sunday normal.  For now, we’re all exhausted.  Allie barely napped since we were out, and we had snow cones at 5:00 before dinner.

And it was all absolutely perfect.


2 thoughts on “Perfection.

  1. Yep… that sounds pretty perfect!

    And this reminds me: my little family absolutely MUST get back into the routine of going to church! We’ve been too lazy for too long.

  2. Oh we are in for it. We don’t go to church or talk about J man or G man in this house but we sent Chunky to a catholic school. He goes to church this week. OOoops.
    I’d go but, well, ummm….yea.
    Glad that you got to go out!!!

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