On Friends in the Computer.

It’s no secret.  I’m exhausted.  Last night was comical. It really was.  If I wasn’t near tears from exhaustion I would have laughed.  One kid was up at 1:30 because she didn’t want to be in her room.  After turning on the light and noise machine she went back to bed.

The other woke at 2:15 but I let her cry it out after a few minutes.  It’s amazing the tolerance that builds for cry it out when you’re facing pure exhaustion, your kid doesn’t really like sleeping in your bed, and you know she can do it. By this point I can’t sleep and it’s about 3 before I put my phone away and even try.

Then kid 1 wakes up at 4:40 telling me she doesn’t know what to wear.  What the ::bad word::? It’s not wake up time! She insists her alarm went off. I. Don’t. Care.  GO TO BED.  She finally does after I tell her she can’t watch tv.

Kid 1 wakes up at 5:30 insisting she wants to wake up.  I. Don’t. Care. Watch whatever you want just let me get a few more minutes sleep. By this time I almost start to cry because my alarm is set to go off in 15 minutes.

6:00, Kid 2 wakes up for the day.

This is why my kids’ college funds are being spent at Starbucks.

But I got home after somehow surviving the day and found a picture of the most precious little baby in my mail box.

happy jess is happy.

And you know what else? Chocolate.  Not just any chocolate, CANADIAN chocolate.  There’s something about their chocolate that makes me all happy.  I don’t know why it’s different but it is. Trust me.

The note that came with that chocolate? I might put it under my pillow and carry it in my purse every where I go because it gave me the happies.


My online friends are a very REAL part of my life.  I may not be able to hop in a car and drive to see them (without needing a passport or 80 hours in the car), but I don’t know how I’d get through many a day without them.

Love {all of} you girls.


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