Today the toddler tantrums were in full effect. Ava never had them so this is new to me. It still sounds weird calling Allie that. Toddler. At 15 months and 20.4 pounds, she sure isn’t the baby I brought home.

The day started off well enough. Then I had to put her down. God forbid I had to actually get ready and do things before work. The nerve of me! The meltdown began. And continued.

I put her down because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Ignore the behavior, right? So I carefully put her arched little body on the bathroom floor as she yelled and screamed. I ignored her, mostly, and occasionally asked if she was done.

She wasn’t.

But when I picked her up to get ready to go, all was right in her tiny world. Mama’s arms are her happy.

Then tonight. She got angry when I took yesterday’s styrofoam cup that was empty but she had to have, and I filled it with water. Then she threw it on the floor and it cracked and she was even more upset. Hurry up, dinner.

Ooooh the fury at me for running out of brisket at dinner. The girl who could eat a pound of broccoli loves her brisket even more. And when it was gone? Nothing was acceptable. The anger! That was my cue to set up bath and get someone to bed.

Tired as she was, she didn’t think that was a good idea. So she cried. She succumbed for a bit. Then back up again. So here we are.

I got her a bottle (which she never gets anymore) and I came up to hold her. Snuggle really. Because some days are just rough. For all of us. Today especially with the reminder that life can change in the blink of an eye.

And she’s only a baby once.

So for her sake and mine, I sit here with her on my shoulder listening to the white noise of the air conditioner in the dim room and rock. Because the cares of the day are just not important.



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