Je Taime, Fall.


*awesome candle & scarf from Proper Paige (who knows my love of fall) *college football is here! 

Fall, how I love thee, let me count the ways.   My Pinterest boards are overflowing with my affection for you.  You’re my favorite season of all.  Cooler weather, my favorite holidays. Ahhh. So lovely.

It’s still 100 degrees in Texas right now. But the first holiday of the season is upon us: Labor Day.  Then next month is Columbus Day, then Halloween, Veteran’s Day, and my favorite holiday–Thanksgiving (all days off–woot!). So a girl can dream.  And I wear my scarf (with a tank top) and love it. I light my yummy pumpkin spicey candle and enjoy. I don’t even need the pumpkin spice latte to come out at Starbucks. It is fall.

home goods, for the win.

Halloween is in our house, too.  Since it’s so hot, Ava doesn’t think it’s fall and thought I was being premature in buying those decorations.  I convinced her that fall had in fact begun, and why wait till October? Because by then we could only look at our fun stuff for a month.  So today we’ll pull out the fall bin and get to decorating.

I’ve already started planning for Halloween.  It never used to be a big thing for me, but with the girls it has become so much fun.  I think this year will be the year of Wizard of Oz in our house.  There will be Dorothy, and probably Glenda. Or a monkey. Or the dog.  But either way, it’ll be awesome because the girls are gonna be a matching pair.

Hope your Labor Day has been as awesome as mine.


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